Sep 012014

Postcard from the Cultist Base
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My Gamer Girl and I are off adventuring on this long weekend, playing boardgames in a new far off city. Hopefully you are out adventuring too, but if not, have a little wallpapery consolation as you trudge on through what is supposed to be a day off for everyone.*

* Yes I know this is a US-only holiday. But still.

It is weird that this comes from a place named “Cultist Base”. If I was a member of a secret cult, I think I’d come up with something a little more subtle. Like … “hardware store” … or maybe just “house”. But no, Cultist Base it is. And now you know what it looks like on the inside, at least this small part anyway.

See you back here tomorrow with more freshly hand-made content, just like every weekday on DDOGamer!

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