Apr 082013

I am either hungover or getting that way as I celebrate my eldest son’s wedding. In lieu of a regular DDOGamer article, I hope you enjoy this Postcard. See you again 4/9.


Pirate Captain Bash is a feared Ogre and barely articulate leader of the Drooam navy. In command of the minelayer Bloodlust, Bash communicates largely through grunts and gestures as his crew jumps to avoid his foul temper and massive fists. Bash’s personal quarters reflect his personality: a single large fungus-ridden space furnished with nothing but dire bear hides and barrel after barrel of hard drink.

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  1. My Ninja loves to visit there to counsel him with his cloistered drinking and pillaging habits, administer some medication in the form of 500 points of negative energy to his body until he relaxes–permanently.

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