Aug 012016


These are daffodils, taken in my backyard last March.

Spring in North Carolina is special: colorful, alive with bird songs, wonderful in every way. It is the best part of living here.

“What does this have to do with DDO?”, You may ask, “or gaming, or anything?”

Nothing. Nothing at all. When one is forced to choose from the images one happens to have on one’s phone, one makes do.

This is what happens when a lightning strike renders all of your cable appliances into inert lumps of plastic and wiring.

On the negative side, no DDO, no internet, no TV. On the plus side, extra boardgames! Yay!

Never fear, fair reader, for our brave Gamer Girl has sworn an oath-quest to restore our connectivity, even if this requires that she fearlessly journey into that far-off land known by scholars and wizards as “the city”.

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  1. I hope that her quest is successful as Gnome Monday rests on her shoulders 🙂

  2. You can take this as an opportunity to go on a real life adventure into the wilderness. If you’re not busy, that is.

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