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Lucy and Linus, sleeping at last!
Kittens! Sleeping, but only momentarily

Meet Lucy and Linus, the aforementioned kittens who were nursed back to health by my Gamer Girl and are the most recent additions to our family.

We were only going to get one kitten. One! My Gamer Girl’s lovely Biscuit moved onto celestial catnip about a year ago, and it’s taken Yvonne all this time to agree that a replacement was in order. Even then, it was never discussed as a “replacement”, but rather as a pet for Frank the AdventureCat. Not a pet for us, not at all. Just for Cat.

When we visited the shelter, there was a litter of six available. They were all brought into a playroom where my Gamer Girl could pick the one she liked the best. We took up positions on the floor and waited for one to separate itself as “the choice”.

The kittens were all adorable, climbing about on their playtree and wrestling with each other. Except one. The smallest one, he left the kitty clot immediately, climbed up in my lap, and feel asleep. I gave him a couple of minutes, but he didn’t seem to be interested in anything more than sleeping in my lap.

Shortly after bringing them home: kittens at six weeks
Linus and Lucy at six weeks, before they were actually Linus and Lucy

Yvonne was looking for the cat which was the most active. I was afraid the little dude in my lap was going to disqualify himself, so I picked him up and put him back on the play tree with the others. No, he didn’t even pause, he immediately climbed back down, padded over to me, worked his way back onto my lap, and fell asleep again. We were there to select a kitten, but this one had it backwards. He had selected me.

Did I mention that I am not even really a cat person?

It took my Gamer Girl about 45 minutes to pick the one she wanted. I just looked at her. “I guess,” I began haltingly, considering the sleepy dude who had selected me. “I guess we could get two”.

Frank the AdventureCat keeps a close eye on Lucy
Frank the AdventureCat keeps a close eye on Lucy

And so we did. Together with AdventureCat, we are up to three. My son Jay says that three cats is still okay, just below the Crazy Cat House threshold which is, apparently, four cats.

Three = okay. Four = crazy.

Once we got them home we realized that the little one was not well. Very not well. So not well that we held off on naming them. You know, just in case.

But Frank has to keep a close eye; he is out-numbered
Frank has to keep a close eye; he is out-numbered!

At least one kind of worm, probably two. Ear mites. Upper respiratory infections that might be something even worse. Something that made their eyes weepy. Apparently they both had all of these inflictions, but the smaller one was hit the hardest. No wonder all he wanted to do was cuddle!

It took five weeks, several veterinarian visits, and round-the-clock attention from my Gamer Girl, but everyone is healthy and happy now. And named! We named the super-active kitten Lucy, and her quieter more thoughtful little brother Linus.

It's a sneaky belly pounce attack!
It’s a sneaky belly pounce attack!

Later we would learn that we had it all wrong. Once Linus became fully healthy, he completely changed; it seems that he is the super-active one, utterly fearless, and relentless in every way. He wears out his sister. He wears out Frank the AdventureCat. He wears out all of us.

But he is so cute. Hyperactive cuteness playing at the speed of light. Fun to watch, if a bit exhausting, but still so much fun.

Lucy and Linus

I tried to get Linus holding still but … fugeddabouddit. Ain’t gonna happen.

Two kittens. Free to acquire, very expensive to doctor up, and very attention-expensive now that they are healthy.

Totally worth it. Worth everything. Awesomeness in a kitten-shaped format, they bring joy just by existing.

Totally worth it.

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  1. the problem with kittens is that they grow into cats!

  2. Yay! Cat rescue! Obviously Linus is brilliant, because he knew he needed to go home with you to feel better!
    Me = 5-cat house = Out Of My Mind.

  3. The [Gamer] Girl, and kittens!

    You indeed have much to be thankful for 🙂

    (And how long has there been a Like button?)

  4. so now you need 3 shoe boxes on your desk so you can play DDO

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