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Dec 242014

You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on

Before there was Heart of Madness, before there was Reign of Madness, before any of that, there was Harbinger of Madness; our first encounter with the craziness of Xoriat and some of its more unusual characters.

I don’t think Harbinger of Madness was solely intended to be about the crazy; quite the contrary, I think that the Taken series of quests was supposed to be DDO’s answer to the Alone in the Dark type of horror shoot-em-up. Scary, twisted creatures making loud noises and jumping at you out of the dark. Startling. Especially if you play at night, when the rest of the house is quiet. You know, when you are alone, in the dark.

But regardless of the intent behind the start of the series, by the end of the series developers are in full-on insanity mode, and the quest In The Flesh is Prime Exhibit #1. Total insanity.

You can leave your hat on, indeed.

It’s the last big family Christmas in our rural North Carolina farmhouse. This big an endeavor is a full-time effort: thus another series of postcards sharing some of my favorite DDO views with you all. Happy Holidays! And don’t forget to enter the contest!

Hope you have/are having/had a great holiday! See you back here on January 5, 2015, with yet another two-fisted helping of useless tripe, DDOGamer-style.

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  1. Merry Christmas!

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