Oct 132016


The hurricane was not trivial, not something to laugh at, and not at all picturesque: people died in the floods.

But that was not my hurricane experience, not at all. I got a lot of rain. I lost power. And I spent a few hours playing Catan variations by lamplight with my lovely Gamer Girl.

Half inconvenience, half romantic, I must guiltily confess that I enjoyed the hurricane.

Meanwhile the floods continue throughout this week.

Life is weird.

An unscheduled postcard, brought about by an unscheduled internet outage.

“Time Warner Cable”, I want to say in my best and most dramatic Darth Vader voice, “you have failed me for the last time”.

Except no, they have a monopoly on internet service here, they are going to continue to fail me. Forever, failure after failure, cascading into the vast and unknowable future.

But at least I am not bitter.

See you tomorrow.


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Unless you go with a cell-based wireless hotspot for internet connection. Of course, it may not have sufficient bandwidth to play DDO, but that may depend on your carrier and/or plan. And that also assumes you have cell coverage at home.

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