Dec 262016

It looks like we’re about to break into a choreographed dance routine. Or maybe a Dance Knife Fight, like a batch of extra-short Sharks from West Side Story. *

But really, it’s Gnome Night and we’re fully en-Gnomed, ready for adventure on a smaller scale.

Unlike Friday’s post card, this one is totally wallpaper-able, in a nearly-perfect 2:1 aspect ratio. Click to see it in full size, if you think you can handle the pending Dance Knife Fight-ness of the scene at scale.

* Yes I know that West Side Story references are at least thirty years out of date but … Dance Knife Fight! Some things are just timeless. Or ought to be.

Hope everyone is filled with Holiday cheer, surrounded by friends and family, or just ready to give themselves a Christmassy day off of the normal grind.

Happy Holidays!

See you back here Tuesday 12/27

🙂 😀 🙂


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  1. Hobgoblin Jets? Jet Black Wraiths? Hmmm, needs work.

    Also, on venue, “I like it here in Ebberon!”, “One Hand, One Heart” the literal version, and of course everyone’s favorite, “I feel Critty”

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