Oct 102014

Postcard from Garl's Tomb
That escalated quickly

You may have noticed that there are new residents inside of Garl’s Tomb. Snaky, scaly, Yuan-ti-shaped residents. That don’t care for you and don’t care for your presence either.

Things get all explodey pretty quickly.

My Gamer Girl and I are off to the northeast, seeing New England in the prime of it’s colors, because we’ve never done that before, either of us. And so you get only a postcard today instead of the usual drivel and inanity that you expect to find here.

So look at it as a win-win! I get a new adventure with my lovely Gamer Girl, you get even less drivel! Good all the way around.

But never fear, for those of you who prefer actual content over silly pictures – and there must be at least one of you out there – we’re back Monday, bringing the fresh (relatively) DDO-related (usually) content (drivel) every weekday, just like usual.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Don’t suppose you’re going to be anywhere near central PA in your travels? *g*

  2. I always enjoy your ‘drivel’ Geoff!

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