Dec 292014

A Couple of Skeletons
Surf’s Up!

One of my favorite things to do when leveling a freshly-TR’d Heroic character is to run the Catacombs story, and especially, the 4th chapter The Crypt of Gerard Dryden. I’ve written about it before, (I’ve even used this image before although not in a wallpaper format) but it is totally worth mentioning again.

Because there are so many skeletons in there. So many! I try to avoid fighting anything for as long as I can, seeing just how long of a skeleton train I can build.

Eventually, a combination of locked doors and Red Dungeon Alert forces you to turn and fight. All of those skeletons. At once.

So many skeletons! If you jump up while fighting you can end up crowd-surfing on them.

Surf’s up!

It’s the last big family Christmas in our rural North Carolina farmhouse. This big an endeavor is a full-time effort: thus another series of postcards sharing some of my favorite DDO views with you all. Happy Holidays! And don’t forget to enter the contest!

Hope you have/are having/had a great holiday! See you back here on January 5, 2015, with yet another two-fisted helping of useless tripe, DDOGamer-style.

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