Oct 212014

Atop the Sschynyldryn Ziggurat - from the quest The Portal Opens
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Ever wonder what those evil priestesses are guarding so fiercely? Wonder no more!

As it turns out, there’s not really much of anything there of value, but hey, who knows what an evil, underground-living, spider-worshipping, corrupted elven cult will find valuable.

Or in other words, there’s no accounting for taste.

I’m out of town with unexpected family business of the sad kind. No DDO posting (or DDO playing, for that matter) today. So instead, have a postcard!

Expect things to return to normal – and by normal, I mean fresh content every weekday, but not actually normal by any other standard – Tuesday 10/28.

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  1. Hope everything will be okay! I’ll keep happy thoughts for you!

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