Dec 242012

DDOGamer is on vacation this week, wandering distant lands in the company of his lovely and gracious Gamer Girl. But even so, the blog must go on! And it does, in the form of postcards representing places the DDOGamer would be going, if only he could.

Atarexia’s Island

Atarexias Island.png
While the traveler is lured to the island by it’s famous spa, the intrepid traveler knows that the real beauty of the locale lies along it’s azure beaches.

This view, from the top of the historic lighthouse, illustrates the island’s fine coral sand and gleaming crystal-clear water.

Pro Travel tip: Bring insect repellant for the scorpions, and fire or acid for the native troll-like Skrags.

Each “Postcard” is really a wallpaper-sized image captured in roughly 2×1 aspect. I hope you find one you like.

Happy Holidays! See you soon.

🙂 😀 🙂

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