May 302016

Today is one of the few and extraordinarily precious holidays that we here in the US celebrate, one of only … eight (? it varies each year slightly) days where many of us can be found not at work yet still getting paid. Of course many of us have to work even on holidays. So it goes in our Puritan-influenced, hard-work-is-good-for-you culture.

This particular holiday is called Memorial Day and was first celebrated as a way to honor the Union dead from the US Civil War. Since then it has grown to encompass all of the US fallen warriors, each of whom made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of liberty.

Those of you outside of the US may not see it exactly that way, but hey, this is our holiday and we get to do with it as we like.

So … for those of you in the US, remember that today is not about barbecues and summer (although that is how we often celebrate it). Today is a reminder that freedom isn’t free.

For everyone else, happy Monday!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I will never argue the Value of Remembering; Remembrance Day, a fairly low-key and solemn event. I even recognize the real need to find something to celebrate from all of life’s darkest times. For those that use any excuse to “paaaRtAY…” Transpose the images, words and events around Christ in this from Jethro Tull for those of our brothers and sisters laying bloodied and in pieces in the sand or mud before you take that tenth beer. Pay special attention to the “hook” of the song. Or don’t, maybe just smile until your face cracks.

    I don’t do well in cemeteries, I’m a very dark and angry drunk.

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