Sep 092016

The favorite thing I noticed while touring Denver’s football stadium recently is this wall.

When the visiting team exits their locker room, they walk down a long hall under the stadium to reach the field. All the way, they can see the wall at the end of the hallway. A blue wall. Then, when they reach the wall, they make a sharp left and they are out on the field.

The wall is literally the last thing they see before the game, and then again, after halftime when they come out for the second half.

This wall:



Does playing in the thinner air matter? Well, yes, according to this article. And this one. And this one.

But does it really? I’ve been watching mile-high football for many, many years, and I can tell you that usually, the better team wins. The altitude doesn’t have to matter. Teams that come in to the city, follow their usual routine, and take care of business seem to be largely unaffected.

But it matters a lot if you let it. There is definitely a mental aspect to the whole thing, much larger than the physical. If you think the altitude will make it harder for you to win, it will. If you think it will make it harder for you to play well in the fourth quarter, it will.

And there is that wall, just in case you’d forgotten that you were playing at altitude.

Welcome to the Mile High City!

Elevation 5280′

🙂 😀 🙂

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