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Playing the FeyBuckler

At some point, fairly recently, Samius Garubo Gurobo asked me a question about the FeyBuckler. If I recall correctly, he was looking for something to play on some Twitch stream or another, I forget, and I can’t find the question in any case. Was it a tweet? A post comment? I have no idea.

But unless I completely hallucinated the entire event (a distinct possibility), Samius was considering the FeyBuckler build and wanted to know if it was any good.

Ah wait, here is something, a relevant comment and link on DDO Cocktail Hour episode 89. So apparently he is playing the build after all. But I am behind on my listening, even with the DDO Cocktail Hour which is one of my favorites, even though DDO Cocktail Hour episode 86 is probably the single most important podcast in the history of podcasting.

But I digress. This is not about a podcast, this is about a build, and whether or not it is working as designed. So the thing is, Samius asked me if the build was any good, and I didn’t know. It seemed good. It was designed well. I was pleased with the outcome, on paper. But I hadn’t played it enough to know.

Now I have. At least in the Heroic levels, the FeyBuckler is good. Very good.


My Gamer Girl and I, storming the Update 27 content at level 12. The content is not level 12, it is level 15 on elite, but we were level 12.

And it was easy. Super easy.

Some of the reason for the super-easiness is the way that my Gamer Girl’s character and my FeyBuckler mesh. I run into the middle of everything and and throw out an Eldritch Aura blast to grab their attention. My Gamer Girl drops an Ice Storm on the batch, running and jumping around the fringes of the area of effect to keep the monsters contained therein (adding Earthquake once she got enough levels to cast it). My FeyBuckler always has an Eldritch AoE field going that pulses sonic, light, and force damage about once per second, and every five seconds I can add another Eldritch Aura blast. All for no mana whatsoever.

It doesn’t matter how many bad guys there are; they all fall down. A perfect combination for the newer style of quest design where the developers throw wave after wave of enemies at us. The number of bad guys do not matter, not at all. I just stand there, swinging, aura-ing, hitting En Pointe and Eldritch Aura blast as fast as the timers allow.

If things get too sporty my FeyBuckler shield blocks with her buckler, emanates damage, and waits for the fight to be over.

Archers can damage me, and casters can kill me, but meleers can barely make a dent. No matter how many they are.

I Have You Surrounded

Some times it is enough to just shield-block and emanate damage

My curiosity has gotten the best of me and I’ve cherry-picked my way through the DDOCocktail Hour to find the part where Samius talks about playing this build. He is lukewarm.

“It’s not bad. I’m having fun. I’m only level 6.”
“My aura does almost no damage.”
“It will probably be fine.”

Not exactly gushing. But he’s only level six. If he’s following the build plan, he is Bard3, Warlock2, Fighter1. The aura is underwhelming when you are taking two levels of warlock into CR6 content.

Not to worry, Samius, it gets better.

Now my FeyBuckler is level 16 and we are bum-rushing the Wheloon content on elite. There are five quests in here, plus three pre-Wheloon quests, and an adventure area that can be problematic for certain builds.

Not these two builds. My Gamer Girl on her Freezer Burn Druid, and I on my FeyBucker, totally own everything in this content pack. No deaths. No worries. No trouble. Gaining a level-and-a-half is trivial.

Some tips for Samius, or anyone else playing the build:

  • Remember that this is a melee build. You can cast, but you are better off swording
  • You want as much Resonance and Sonic Lore as you can
  • You’d also like Radiance but it is not essential except versus Shadows and the like
  • You will probably have to craft yourself a decent buckler
  • As much PRR as you can, however you can get it. Augment of Defense helps.
  • Your heals are not great; start self-healing earlier than you might on builds with better self-healing

A Devotion item (or augment) would probably mitigate that last point. I’ll have to try it.

The best tip of all, and one that is really hammered home in DDOCocktail Hour 89, is to remember to have fun. This is supposed to be a fun build. Effective enough, but mainly, fun, with an unusual blend of hitting and casting that will keep you on your toes. No facerolling here, you have to really play this build.

And at least so far, it is totally worth that effort. Hitting and casting. Fun and effective.

“But is it any good?”

Well, you know, it really is still too early to tell. All I can say is that it is very good, so far. I’ll report again from the epic levels, whenever it is that I get there.

She looks kind of cool though, doesn’t she?

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. If you’re able to cast dark discorporation, the passive pulses won’t end it prematurely either, so you can sit there with a massive defensive boost while they die around you… and in epics, add in divine crusader, and you barely need to swing your weapon if you don’t feel like it

  2. And, of course, there’s a link to said build so that those of us that are unfamiliar with it know of what you speak (that’s my way of asking for one XD). This post was intriguing, and now I have an interest in this build, so I would appreciate such a link (as would some others, I imagine. Thanks for your constant excellent posts. Your opinion and insight have become invaluable tools for me. Keep up the fantastic job!

  3. Warlock, need a nerf? Just saying…..

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