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The Flaming Marshmallow of Doom

Mawry Haversack and the Flaming Marshmallow of Doom

Level 10 is a significant milestone in a character build: it is not the halfway mark – or even close to it – but it is the first point in the game where the monsters and quests begin to provide a challenge that cannot be overcome by simply giving the character Toughness and a good weapon.

Somewhere near level 10 the character begins to encounter monsters with super-inflated hit points, high damage resistance, other special defenses, or all of the above.

Level 16 is another, similar milestone. So is level 18.

Mawry Haversack: the original Halfling Commando, my main character, and also my sixth-life completionist-to-be, is back up to 10th level.

Except this time she is a high DEX, two-weapon-fighting, light-armor-wearing, Evasion Battle Cleric.

It’s weird to see those words put together in a row like that: “Evasion Battle Cleric”.

She is dependent on her weapons and has to carry a lot of different ones to suit different situations. Sometimes it feels like I am crafting to suit her up for each specific quest. Note the image above: thanks to crafting, Mawry is ready for Delera’s and the Mabar Festival.

She has a very good selection of items and weapons at her disposal, and level 10 means the Paralyzers, Disruptors and Smiters come into play. So do Vorpals, but experimentation so far shows that Vorpals have been weakened to the point where they are no longer viable. Sad, as Vorpals and Wounding of Puncturing were once mainstays of DEX TWF builds and went a long way towards keeping them competitive.

Speaking of Wounding of Puncturing, that’s no good anymore either. I’m not throwing my Vorpals and WoP away. But they were useless in the VONs and I suspect they will spend the rest of this life in the bank. A mix of DPS (Seeker, elemental of pure good) and Paralyzers seems to be the ideal weapon set at this level.

Mawry flies through hard-hitting, high-HP mobs. Her AC is average (not low, she has some, it’s just not a focus) but when it matters, she puts on a shield and it helps noticeably. She also gets a lot of defensive mileage out of Obscuring Mist. Her attack ability has kept up quite nicely, I don’t even have to use Divine Power all that often.

A lot of her damage comes with her weapon, and weapon modifiers do not scale the way Attack BAB does. It can take her longer to chop down super-high HP opponents than I would like; thus the Paralyzer to make sure they hold still and take their beating without complaint.

She ran into trouble though with Arcane Oozes. Her ooze-fighting weapon set did not do enough damage to kill one before the next ones spawned and she found herself thoroughly outnumbered by a foe that she could not stand and face en masse. This would have been a great time for a decent Area of Effect attack but the oozes just laughed at her Soundbursts*.

* Well it sounded like laughter to me. Moistly dripping oozy laughter. So embarassing.

But everything else went fine. She’s not the killer that she was when she was a dark monk last life, but she is adequate at melee, and this Mawry can heal herself like crazy and is a much better soloist.

The Dark Monk life has been Mawry’s most effective melee configuration. Since I am playing this life as a melee life too, a comparison seems appropriate:

  • Survivability: Very high, equal to the Dark Monk
  • Solo-ability: Very high, better than the Dark Monk
  • Zerg-ability: Good, but not as good as the Dark Monk
  • DPS: Okay but well behind the Dark Monk

And of course, this character is much more useful in a party or a duo as she can do more than just hit things. So there’s that.

I really like the Radiant Blasts. I don’t know who decided that Radiant Servant’s burst ability would be visualized so violently, but that person is a genius: exploding goodness, violently propelling hit points and remedies in all directions.

Pure genius. Take that Dark Monk, you may have your puissant punching and end-game excellence, but the battlecleric has Cure Serious shrapnel, and that is tough to beat.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Ring of the stalker will become your best friend, vorpal is very viable when it is not taking a key weapon slot.

    Also i know it is tempting to just use the 4th lvl spell slots for buffs, but knowing what mobs are in the quest makes the 4 level attack spells very good.

    • Yeah, there’s nothing like running up to a gnoll, kicking him in the face, and snapping his neck (I like to jump when I kick for the spinning kick. It’s just plain fun…) when the Manslayer from Ring of the Stalker procs. Plus sneak attack and seeker… I’m trying to figure out how to fit this on ALL my guys lol

  2. Sounds like you’re having fun, which is the goal of ANY build! Also, she likes her marshmallows the way I do, I see.

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