Jan 232011

I was searching for the player-owned list of known issues to see if a couple of my most disliked yet minor items were there already (*) … but there doesn’t appear to be such a list at the moment.

We know Turbine’s version of the list is not intended to be comprehensive and that we need our own. A couple of players have created a complete list of bugs and issues, but they did not stay updated.

Anyone want to do this? Sirgog? Ayumi? Anyone?

I am not reliable enough to do this myself, but I would think this would be a great way for someone to pick up a lot of rep and make a name for themselves on the forums.

That is all.

(*) Teleport from Airship Navigator Pawlo to Amrath does not work, and the Dwarven Thrower is supposed to be a hammer

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  1. …Dwarven Thrower is supposed to be a hammer? Huh, never knew that. Hmm, if I had the time, I would love to do this, and it sounds like a wonderful idea. I hope for all of us that somebody comes along with the time and inclination to do such a thing.

  2. Turbine added it before there were any throwing hammers. But yes, supposed to be a hammer.

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