Nov 232009

My three-year old main character achieved 9th level last night. A guildie sent me a tell: “gratz on 29th level”. Apparently reincarnated characters show aggregate total levels in the friends list? Cool!

29 down, 31 to go – at least until the current reincarnation cap is lifted. Then nine more entire lives. Its a bit intimidating, but I’ve already started, no sense in backing out now.

One lesson learned: I should have spent more time planning Mawry’s current life as a Favored Soul. I am very meticulous about builds and plans, but I skipped that this time, she is going to reincarnate again so quickly! Except, I still have to acheive 20th level with this build. And I am off-base already.

I wanted her to be able to cast or fight or range but that seems to be too ambitious. She is a most excellent caster but that may be the extent of it. She has weapons and she uses them, but as the levels increase the weapons become less and less effective. I can see the future and I fear it involves putting the weapons away entirely and evolving into some kind of a Divine Cannon.

So I’m working out her future lives and promising myself that each one will be crafted them more carefully. Already I am torn on the very next life: Acrobat Arcane Archer or Armor Class Assassin? I have eleven more levels before I have to decide. 🙂

Here’s what I have so far:

Life Class Main Focus Also Good At Thoughts

2 Favored Soul Divine caster Longbow, limited sword & board pure FvS? (may still splash wiz dunno)
3 Rogue Stealth DPS Assassin with lots of armor class (rog18 / monk1 / rgr1 ) – or – Acrobat Arcane Archer (rog13 / rgr6 / wiz1)

Current TR Cap

4 Bard ??? ??? Sneak-attacking warchanter and off-tank?
5 Monk Dark-side power Shuriken swarm? pure monk
6 Wizard Mystic Theurge / Trapsmith Divine and Arcane buffs wiz10 / cleric9 / rog1 ?
7 Barbarian Ranged DPS Meatshield Bowbarian that can melee
8 Cleric Armor Class TWF armor class battlecleric
9 Paladin THF Intimitank pal12 / rgr6 / monk2
10 Sorceror ??? ??? I have no vision for this yet
11 Fighter Stunning/bludgeon Halfling Dragonmarks pure fighter

Completionist Achieved

12 Ranger Ranged and TWF Self buffing rgr13 / ftr6 / wiz1 or rgr18 / monk1 / wiz1

What do you think?

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