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Dec 272016

A true phylactery is a small leather box that one may put on a strap and wear on one’s forehead or arm. Quite small.

Not Aurgloroasa the Dracolich though. No small leather boxes for her, no sir, she has giant sea-urchin-like stars made of crystal that float in the air, nearly too high for a Halfling to reach, and spin in place indefinitely.

I guess when one is a Dracolich, one is simply not willing to place their mortality into something as common and ordinary as a small leather box.

Click this preview – if you dare!

You would think that this view, being all shades of grey, would make for a smaller GIF file, wouldn’t you?

But no.

This 7MB monster is only the preview. The fill size version is even worse, 24MB.

But I find it to be compelling anyway, in spite of the size.

One can only obtain this view when one is deceased and watching in soulstone form. When one is alive, there is a large purple mass filling the central space of this area and blocking the view.

So, one advantage to dying. Only one, but still, one.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Oh, I don’t know – it’s hard to kill you when you’re already dead (though it does seems some mobs still try)…

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