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Gambling? I am shocked! Shocked!

I am shocked! Shocked to find
that gambling is going on in here

There are gambling tables in the back of the Phoenix Tavern.

Did I know about this before? Hard to say, the game is huge and I’ve been playing a long time. But it is certainly news to me now even if it was also news to me in the past.

Maybe if I wait another six years it will be news to me again in the future.

I vaguely remember a gambling NPC that used to hang out on the docks in the harbor. Some kind of guess the numbers game? But that was long ago, before the first of many harbor area remodels. Apparently he is now gone, perhaps just another Taken … but I digress.

The gambling tables in the Phoenix have two available games. The NPC named “Dice”offers a dicing game. The NPC Henda Boulderbreaker offers a vaguely-described roulette game that doesn’t even include payout information.

Dice’s game consists of rolling two pairs of four-sided dice and paying off when the pairs match. A nice-sounding payout too, 20 times the roll. But is it a deal? The rest of this post is going to be very boring* because I get to dive into dice and dicing, and I LOVE dice and dicing. Hang on, here we go.

* Or maybe I should be honest and say “even more boring than usual”

Who doesn't love oddly shaped dice?

One way to match on 8,
four ways to match on 7

When rolling four four-sided dice there are 256 possible results. Only one of those results is the jackpot in this dice game; if you “roll” double four and Dice does too, all four dice are 4’s, you matched rolls with a value of eight, and you get 160 gold.

But one in 256 doesn’t sound enticing. Other matches are a little bit easier. For instance, matching on seven: four possibilities out of 256. Matching on seven pays 140 gold.

Roll Possibilities Payoff
8 1 160
7 4 560
6 9 1080
5 16 1600
4 9 720
3 4 240
2 1 40
TOTAL 44 4400

In this table, all possible matching rolls are shown including the chances of each match (out of 256) and the total payout assuming that match is rolled that many times.

In other words, out of 256 rolls you will tend to win 44 times and collect a total of 4400 gold. Sounds good, until you recall that it takes 25 gold to play and 256 rolls will cost you 6400 gold.

That gives the house an edge of 31%, which is so over the top awful that Vegas doesn’t even have a game that bad.  Keno, the worst game in the world in terms of house advantage, has only a 25% edge.

Casino gambling:
pretty girls, free drinks, no clock;
the house always wins

While it makes sense that DDO can’t include a game that features a true player advantage (Everyone gets rich! Yay! Macro time!), still it seems like this time sink activity would be more enjoyable and more used if the edge was a bit more friendly.

Wouldn’t hurt if the game was a bit more active too, picking from a dialog box doesn’t really replicate the thrill of high-stakes gambling.

But there it is, wandering a tavern that I have been in a gazillion times only to uncover one more unexpected wrinkle in a massive game full of wrinkles.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Lol! Thanks for this one, had no clue that they were back there!

  2. Think I was back there and actually played a little a long time ago…totally forgot about them. Although looking at the odds u figured I think I will for get about them again…

  3. I keep looking for them in Chronoscope, hoping the odds are better back in the past, but they’re too busy hiding – or perhaps dancing for an abishai’s amusement.

  4. There is a gamble guy thing at the back of the floaty bar in the harbor. You pay a certain amount of in game muneez and something happens and if you win you get more muneez depending on how much you decide to wager. To a maximum of 20k plat I think. I havent won a single round of it though. Then again… I dont have good luck at random chance things. So, like most things that involve gambling, I think Ill avoid this little dice game 🙂

  5. …better value in selling kobold slav…um…”companions” on the auction house.

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