Peak Sustainable Haggle

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Jul 062015

Coin Serf, Haggle Superstar
Last week I mentioned that Coin Serf was approaching Peak Sustainable Haggle, or at least as peak as is possible for a first-life Halfling. Since then, I think she’s achieved it, by (finally) maxing out a Divine epic destiny and unlocking the Epic Skill Focus: Haggle feat. Which she promptly selected while (finally) leveling up to 28.

Peak Sustainable Haggle. For a first-life halfling. Yes? 112? That is it, right?

Note that I am specifically excluding Yugoloth and House Deneith potions as I am looking at freely sustainable Haggle, rather than burst Haggle

  • The character started with max CHA, and took CHA at every level up: base 25
  • She gets 12 CHA from feats and enhancements: 2 from Air Savant, 6 from Unyielding Sentinel, 2 from Twists of Fate, two from Great Charisma which she took twice
  • She gets 15 from Items and Effects: +10 CHA from the Libram of Silver Magic, +3 Insightful CHA from a Planar Focus of Erudition, and two from ship buffs
  • She has +6 inherent CHA from a tome, the only +6 tome I’ve ever gotten on any character
    Total CHA: 58
  • She started with max ranks in Haggle and added ranks at every level up: base 23
  • She has +4 from a skill tome
  • She adds her CHA bonus of 24
  • Her Feats and Enhancements add another 27: Negotiator (2), Skill Focus: Haggle (3), Epic Skill Focus: Haggle (5), epic skills (8), and a twisted-in Allure (6). Plus three more points from somewhere that I cannot figure out
  • Item Effects add 26: a +20 item and also an Exceptional +6 from green steel bracers
  • There are eight more from Enhancements: Greater Heroism (4), Epic Mushroom Cap (Good Luck +3), Elite Spider Cult Mask (1)
    Total Haggle: 112

112 Haggle in Action
Just for fun, I maxed Coin’s Haggle and ran her out to the House Jorasco magic shop. She buys Heal scrolls for 85 platinum, which is just about 52% of the usual base price of 165: nearly half off! She sold a +2 plain-old unadorned Bastard Sword for 325 plat, or 40% of the 803 plat base price.

As a contrast, I then went through the same routine with my wizard Ejecta who has a maximum Haggle of 18. Heal scrolls cost her 176 plat (which is 7% more than the base cost) while an identical +2 Bastard Sword earned her 136 plat (17%)

I could add one more CHA by upgrading her Libram of Silver Magic, but a CHA bump is only helpful if I can bump it by two. Is there a +4 exceptional CHA item of which I am unaware? Or a +1 that stacks with the Planar Focus? I suppose I could re-roll Coin as a Drow and start with 20 CHA instead of 18. But no, I am in an all-Halfling guild. There are Yugoloth and House D potions, but those cost, so … no. Haggle is about maximizing income, not spending it.

I cannot think of any way to bump the Haggle skill directly except via House D potions and skill boosts. I don’t have a character planner open at the moment, but I think I could swap the seven points that Coin has in the Halfling racial tree for points in the Rogue Mechanic tree and gain temporary Haggle points via skill boost.

Skill boost is not sustainable, but it doesn’t cost anything either so I think that still counts.

Although I am sort of making up the rules for what “counts” as I go.

I wonder … is there an achievement in the Achievements thread for max haggle on a first-life Halfling? And if so, have I met it?

Am I missing anything?

Or is this truly Peak Sustainable Haggle?

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. The 3 from somewhere might be the +skills from the harper tree?

  2. An “Exceptional Charisma +1” augment should stack with everything you’ve mentioned. Combined with upgrading the Libram, that should give you another +2 Charisma / +1 on Haggle.

  3. Are you wearing a Command or Persuasion item? +2/13 respectively to CHA based skills if I remember correctly

  4. Halfling Sorc is prolly not the best choice, neither of race or class… I think a human bard can reach a little further in Haggle, counting Focusing chant and Human Skill Boost…
    But that’s pretty impressive! Gratz!

  5. +1 exceptional CHA, fatesinger echoes of the ancestors +1 CHA(you’d want to toggle into the destiny most likely) and then use the allure twist for another +1 CHA.

  6. I have a 1st life PDK which reaches 141 (I think – can’t check right now) haggle with GH & skill boost only. 140 is the magic number to get max possible sale value with brokers – which is 50% of item value.

What do you think?

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