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So the other day I tweeted asking for some thoughts about a 1/2/17Fighter/Rogue/Bard Life as a Purple Dragon Knight. I got a lot of good feed back, and I think I have settled in on a 2/2/16 Ftr/Rog/Bard PDK build.

I used Ron’s Character Planner (version 4.20.2) and tweeked the build export file to show the Single Weapon Fighting Feats and my Feat options/thoughts for level 18. I should point out to that this build does not reflect the entire enhancement selection, as Swashbuckler has not been added to Ron’s Character Planner yet ( i even checked to see if there was an updated version prior to starting my build and making this post).

Overall goals are for a Bard Past Life, Swashbuckler focused, Evasion build with a lot of Dodge with the main focus on hitting hard and often, and not getting hit. I am planning on taking the buckler option for my Swashbuckling Stance for the 10% Dodge. I’d like to splash in some Spell Singer and see if I can get some of the Sonic SLAs as well. Not sure if I will do much if anything in the fighter trees, but may look at the Assassin tree for some more sneak attack and the Kensai tree for some bonuses to hit and damage with light blades and some more dodge if I can.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.20.02
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Bard Purple Dragon Knight Swashbuckler Build (sorry no cool name for this… yet…)
Level 28 True Neutral Purple Dragon Knight Male
(2 Fighter \ 2 Rogue \ 16 Bard \ 8 Epic)
Hit Points: 360
Spell Points: 822
BAB: 15\15\20\25\25
Fortitude: 12
Reflex: 17
Will: 12

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Abilities Base Stats Modified Stats
(36 Point) (Level 1) (Level 28)
Strength 10 15
Dexterity 14 19
Constitution 14 19
Intelligence 12 17
Wisdom 10 15
Charisma 18 32

Tomes Used
+5 Supreme Ability Tome used on a previous life (incrementally applied at levels 3, 7, 11, 15 and 19)
Starting Feat/Enhancement
Base Skills Modified Skills
Skills (Level 1) (Level 28)
Balance 4 22
Bluff 6 44
Concentration 2 35
Diplomacy 4 21
Disable Device n/a n/a
Haggle 4 44
Heal 0 10
Hide 2 12
Intimidate 4 18
Jump 4 20
Listen 0 10
Move Silently 2 12
Open Lock n/a 22
Perform n/a 44
Repair 1 11
Search 1 11
Spellcraft 1 11
Spot 0 10
Swim 0 10
Tumble n/a 35
Use Magic Device 6 41

Level 1 (Fighter)
Feat: (Human Bonus) Dodge
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Mobility
Feat: (Past Life) Past Life: Monk (passive)
Feat: (Past Life) Past Life: Paladin (passive)
Feat: (Past Life) Past Life: Rogue (passive)
Feat: (Selected) Weapon Finesse

Level 2 (Rogue)

Level 3 (Rogue)
Feat: (Automatic) Evasion
Feat: (Selected) Single Weapon Fighting

Level 4 (Bard)
Ability Raise:CHA

Level 5 (Bard)

Level 6 (Bard)
Feat: (Selected) Spring Attack

Level 7 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Improved Single Weapon Fighting

Level 8 (Bard)
Ability Raise: CHA

Level 9 (Bard)
Feat: (Selected) Extend Spell

Level 10 (Bard)

Level 11 (Bard)

Level 12 (Bard)
Ability Raise: CHA
Feat: (Selected) Improved Critical: Piercing Weapons

Level 13 (Bard)

Level 14 (Bard)

Level 15 (Bard)
Feat: (Selected) Greater Single Weapon Fighting
Enhancement: Purple Dragon Knight – Human Versatility: Damage Boost (Rank 1)
Enhancement: Purple Dragon Knight – Human Adaptability: Charisma (Rank 1)
Enhancement: Purple Dragon Knight – Human Versatility: Skill Boost (Rank 1)
Enhancement: Purple Dragon Knight – Negotiator (Rank 1-3) (+3 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Haggle and Perform)
Enhancement: Purple Dragon Knight – Improved Recovery (Rank 1) (tier 1) (+10% Healing Amp)
Enhancement: Purple Dragon Knight – Purple Dragon Focus (Rank 1-3) (+15 Temp HP whenever use a Action Boost (pre-req for “For Cormyr!)
Enhancement: Purple Dragon Knight – Rallying Cry (Rank 1) (pre-req for “For Cormyr!)
Enhancement: Purple Dragon Knight – Improved Recovery (Rank 1) (tier 3) (+20% Healing Amp)
Enhancement: Purple Dragon Knight – Final Stand (Rank 1) (pre-req for “For Cormyr!)
Enhancement: Purple Dragon Knight – For Cormyr! (Rank 1) ( 1/rest: Heal to full, if below 50% health you and nearby allies gain Morale Boost to weapon dmg equal to CHA Modifer for 2 minutes)
Enhancement: Purple Dragon Knight – Improved Recovery (Rank 1) (tier 4) (+30% Healing Amp)

Level 16 (Bard)
Ability Raise: CHA

Level 17 (Bard)

Level 18 (Bard)
Feat: (Selected) Options: Quicken, Precision or Force of Personality

Level 19 (Bard)

Level 20 (Bard)
Ability Raise: CHA

Level 21 (Epic)
Feat: (Selected) Epic: Inspire Excellence

Level 22 (Epic)

Level 23 (Epic)

Level 24 (Epic)
Ability Raise: CHA
Feat: (Selected) Epic: Great Charisma (nothing else to really take here, plus it rounds off my Final CHA score)

Level 25 (Epic)

Level 26 (Epic)
Feat: Epic Destiny) Epic Destiny: Lasting Inspiration

Level 27 (Epic)
Feat: (Selected) Epic: Blinding Speed

Level 28 (Epic)
Feat: (Epic Destiny) Epic Destiny: Elusive Target

Thoughts? suggestions?

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  1. Just to add as well, that with Dodge, Mobility and Spring Attack, I get a base of 7% Dodge, plus I am able to move around and attack things at will without suffering penalities. Afterall, movement is Life in DDO.

  2. I would think you would like to take perfect single weapon fighting as one of your destiny feats.

    • Absolutely, it’s an awesome feat – double the number of vorpals! that ring with thunderstruck (from stormhorns iirc), epic charged gauntlets if you can get them, twist reign (or be running in fatesinger), a weapon with some nice effects (i suggest the version of the fell shiv with heartseeker, that tears through things) & then either the epic ring of the stalker or drow smoke goggles for manslayer too… roll a vorpal & you’ll basically just make them explode 🙂

  3. Looks like a fun character!

    I am working on a bard too but I gave up trying to come up with a better level split than just 20 bard. You get evasion anyway (the Swashbuckler capstone).

    I am still torn about how effective that evasion will be on a character that is maxed in CHA and CON but we will see 🙂

  4. LVL7 taking fighter doesnt work for selecting the feat, as it requires bab6. With suggested multiclass you get only bab4 at that point.

    • You are absolutely correct. Either I misread what I saw in Ron’s Character Planner, or it was a bug. In any event, I just re-did the build on Lamannia, and verified that my build was broken as posted. Easy fix, just take Bard instead at level 7 and take Fighter at level 8 (swapped those levels around) and it all works out.

  5. i’ve been messing with Swash builds too, trying out a few things and while i havent built her yet i have a Bard 12/Sorc 2/ Fighter 6 build. the Sorc splash is for the Eldritch Knight improved mage armour and improved shield enhancements and the Crit enhancements if i have spare points, i tried Rons planner as well and without the Swash tree its hard. Fighter gives you Kensai tree so you get plenty of to hit and dmg bonus as well as weapon spec and Crit bonuses. You only need 12 Bard levels to open the whole tree, sure you dont get the capstone, but it can be compensated. This build will not be much of a caster but will still have a decent Fascinate and UMD (26 before equipment bonuses)
    I am currently running a Drow, Bard 14/ Arty 6/ Epic 3 build who will TR into the above after i get her 2nd ETR under her belt. She currently is a dex build with weapon finesse, has an AC of 80, reflex save of 54 and 27% dodge. but she still gets hit and is a little squishy on HP 563 @lvl 23. Her to hit with Balizarde is +69.
    Enough blathering but i do have a question, weapons, what weaps did you think about using? i ask because of the weapon finesse you took at 1st level, with PDK you can get Chr to hit but only with certain blades and being a finesse build that would mean shortswords only. Was it thought about and decided against and why? curiosity is powerful!!! 🙂 and why not go with a Drow???

  6. Mostly planningonusing Rapiers. Though some short swords are great too. I currently have a tier3 Greensteel Mineral II rapierwaitingfor my next life, as well as several Sun Blades and a set of 2 Vampiric Stonedust Short sowrds from the Lords March chain. But The Crit profile of the Rapier is why I chose not to to bother with the PDK CHA to hit enhancement, since it only works with Short Swords for my Swashbuckling stance.

    Drow suck :), plus I wanted the Iconic Past Life too.

    • So even though Drow suck! 🙂 the racial enhancement tree offers upto +4 to hit with rapiers & shortswords. Something worth thinking about.
      The PDK past life is nice but unless you have the 3 stacks of it, its only a little better than an heroic PL.
      Rapiers are definately the way to go. A tier 3 Balizarde with a meteoric eye augment is very nice at level 23. I just got my crit range to 15-20 and with the Exploit Weakness enhancement i crit about 75% of the time, but am only getting ~580 dmg. Mind you it adds up with the amount of hits you can get as a Swashbuckler.

    • Doesn’t the swashbuckling enhancement line make the crit profile the same for short swords and rapiers?

  7. How do you make this on a first life iconic?

  8. Used this as a starting point for a 12/6/2 freezing bard build. Works very well from 15-30 no real hiccups and at 30, in so-so gear you can get the DC of spinning ice to 90

    • 12 bard/6 fighter/2 rogue. I only put enough points into PDK for CHA to hit and damage. Went all the way up Warchanter for Spinning Ice and Swashbuckler to improved crit. then put a few points into fighter to raise the DC of tactical feats.

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