Jul 162014

The Patch of the Bard
Today is patch day, and unlike many patches, this one is chock full of new stuff; not just bug fixes but actual new material in the form of rebuilt Warchanter and Spellsinger enhancement trees.


It won’t affect me personally very much, I have a bard but he is not in my heavy rotation. I’ll juice him up with the new stuff regardless, but then he’ll most likely head back to my virtual bench, where he will wait till a day I need an upper level Heroic crowd controller to accompany some specific group or another.

There is no content in the patch, but then there rarely is. I am not certain there has ever been content in a patch. I think not? But it did get me to thinking. So far, 2014 has been a pretty light year for content. Based on what we know about the future, which is not much, that trend will continue.

  • Update 21: two new raids, one new adventure area, one very large new quest
  • Update 22: four epified quests, one epified adventure area, one new quest
  • Update 23: (projected) one new raid, four epified quests, one epified adventure area

Two new quests. Three new raids. Eight revamped epic versions of quests that we already have. Two revamped epic versions of adventure areas that we already have.

We have no clue what is coming in Update 24 other than that we know it won’t be an expansion pack, as there is no expansion pack for 2014. And it will be “quests”. But that’s all we know.

It will need to be a lot of them if 2014 is to keep pace with most of the previous years. I don’t have all of the updates compiled into a database* and so am working off the top of my head but I feel like we generally get more new content than we are getting this year.

* But oooh, now that I think about it, that would be fun! Maybe in a future post

Going back one year only, to 2013, we had Update 17 (nine epified quests, one epified adventure area, one new raid), Update 18 (two new quests), Update 19 Shadowfell (10 new quests, two new adventure areas), and Update 20 (two new quests). Of course one of those updates was an expansion pack and came at additional cost.

Is that what is missing in 2014? A paid expansion pack? I hope not. The extra annual fee seemed … purely like an extra fee for stuff that ought to come with the subscription. At least for VIPs. Not as an elitist thing, but because VIPs already pay every month and with that comes the expectation of new material. Included in the monthly fee.

But I digress. I am not arguing for more content or against expansion packs. I am not intending to argue at all. I am simply posting an observation: this is not a great year for new content. You may disagree, especially if you consider epified old content to be “new”, but I do not; I like it, sure, and it does pose a new challenge. But it is not “new”. I didn’t have anything happen to me in Epic Gianthold that didn’t also happen to me in Heroic Gianthold except with more hit points.

But it is what it is. Maybe they will come up with something as fun as the pirate ship encounters for the Orchard of the Macabre. I can’t imagine what, but then I don’t have to. I get to sit back and enjoy whatever comes out.

And I imagine that I will.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I thought the dragons dropping out of the sky to try to eat you in Epic Gianthold was a new way to keep us all on our toes. 🙂

    That said, is there less content in 2014? Maybe for some. I’m still catching up, having only completed the Storm Horns chain. There are still a few other high-level quests and several raids I’ve not completed. But I’m not a good sample size. Perhaps the energy of youth requires MOAR.

    Young players gobble, but I like to savor who I devour.

    I’m still a neophyte with the Bard. The Swashbuckler is a combat joy; it’s my first S/B character that I love. In some ways, it’s as close as a Bard can be to a Monk with its undispellable songs, defenses, and attack speed. I’ve been on the fence on whether Warchanter or Spellsinger would be decent tracks to train. I’ll know more today (betting that Warchanter remains the better selections).

  2. Even though I’m neither a VIP nor ever plan on subbing, it’s my belief that they should get access to expansion content a few months after release. If they want the bonus goodies that come with it, they can then spend the real moolahs. Worked on swtor.

  3. I’d be more than happy with current content for this year if they’d spend the rest of the year getting bugs & lag fixed, making a good solid base for new content in 2015.

  4. My bards are confused, but that’s normal 😛

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