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Mar 172016

There is no arguing that the individual volume controls added to party chat in Update 30 are utter genius. No arguing! Perhaps the greatest thing since sliced bread*, I can now turn down my one friend who’s mic often explodes in a painfully loud crackling cacophony while at the same time turning up my other friend who sounds as if he is chatting from the inside of a large aquarium while covered in many layers of thick wool.

* Is sliced bread still considered a great thing? Or have the dual fears of carbs and gluten lessened its greatness?

I can turn down everyone when my Gamer Girl and I are in the same group and just listen to her speakers. Without feedback, and without having to open up the audio settings and change my voice output device like I used to do. And then, when she leaves the party, I can just turn everyone back up!

So nice. Really a huge, albeit simple, improvement, one that was long overdue. Now that I can see how wonderful the individual volume sliders really are I wonder how I got along without them for so long.

Just wonderful.

But there is one side-effect I did not expect:


Party Chatter
An unexpected party chatter


My hirelings now seem to have a voice! How awesome! Haven’t you wondered what Larafay the Mad Bomber sounds like while hurling her crazed destruction about? I expect insane laughter, but maybe now we need wonder no more, we can just listen in?

Except it doesn’t seem to work that way.

In the image, my Eeeeevil tank Diabola is trying to strike up a conversation with Althea, a rather drab and mousey Favored Soul who heals decently. But Althea doesn’t seem to be listening. She has the right body language but just doesn’t respond. “How are you?” I ask, but … nothing.

Maybe if I turn up her volume? Can I set this to eleven? But … nothing.

“HOW ARE YOU?” I ask again, hoping that turning up my own volume will help in some way? But … nothing.


Volume not helping
Actions speak louder than words?
Silent Althea


It would have been way more surprising if she had spoken. I can’t even get her to stand in one place when commanded, and now I am hoping she is going to pass a Turing test?

Yet she has a volume control. It seems fair to assume she therefore must make some sort of noise. The sound of a tree falling in the forest when there is no one to hear? The sound of one hand clapping?

Regardless. I will keep turning up her volume slider because it amuses me.

If I ever do hear anything, I’ll let you know.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. lol can you imagine the shock if they had added voices to the hirelings without telling anybody? Would have been funny πŸ˜€

  2. I’m here to watch your behind!

  3. /whisper “May the Gods protect you – cause I certainly won’t” ;p

  4. No, she said, “Why are you staring at my tummy?”

  5. “Althea told me upon scrutiny
    That my back might need protection”

    “Baby I hope you don’t get burned
    When the smoke has cleared, she said”

    “There are things you can replace
    And others you cannot
    The time has come to weigh those things
    This space is gettin’ hot
    You know this space is gettin’ hot”

    Taken from the Grateful Dead’s ‘Althea’.

    Now you know what she might say.

  6. The magic is in the Slicing of the bread as opposed to the Rising of the Bread. I think we have awhile before the collective consciousness of our society forgets that. πŸ˜‰

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