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If you peruse the forums looking for pure paladin builds you might see a lot of hate/derision directed toward this class (or at least that is the impression I had). To sum up the general feeling toward pure paladins: “Gimps”. I think I even saw them compared to cockroaches in one thread (they are very hard to kill, but can’t do much else).


My Pally in his shiny new White Dragonscale Armor

So then I decided my 6th life was going to be a pure pally. Let me explain myself a little bit better:

I have a PLAN. It is an ambitious PLAN (at least for me, seeing that I take around 2-3 months to TR). At the end of this PLAN the only character I play will attain triple completionist status.

My PLAN began sometime in 2012 with my oh-so-gimptastic-1st life-10-con-combat-casting-elven-archmage-who-was-in-fact-killed-by-a-rat-in-Korthos-Island. After epic destinies came out, this toon maxed his magister destiny (getting to lvl 20 with him was…painful, but I refused to reroll) and left me wondering what to do. I decided to jump on the TR train, and since druids were the new shiny at the time, my second life was a hippy-druid life.

At the end of my druid-life, I grabbed and maxed the Draconic Incarnation epic destiny. Thinking about the future at the end of a druid life, my PLAN really took shape: to try out every class first without multiclassing to get a “feel” for them, while loosely following the Epic Destiny route (maxxing one Destiny per life).

This meant my 3rd life was as a pure Bard (going for Fatesinger). I chose a Horc TWF Warchanter build, and all I can say is, I had FUN, from level 1 to 20. But this post is about paladins, so let’s move on.

Shadowdancer was next. I could have chosen a Rogue life, but I had just bought the Artificer class, so I went for an Xbow loving Warforged Arty. Leveling this guy was almost like cheating, ‘cause it was so easy.

Moving on to my 5th life, a fork appeared in the road and I chose the Grandmaster path. Grandmaster meant Monk, and with Teacher Syn’s Guide help, I made a rocking human Light Monk. Mostly easy to level, but since this was my first build with evasion, I had created such high expectations for this ability that I was a little let down during the leveling process, especially when I died in the Crucible swim (due to my hubris). I won’t be making that mistake again.

And so I came to Unyielding Sentinal, a Destiny which is based on Paladins. The things I read on the forums about Pallys made me fear what was in store for me this life. But on I went and made a human THF KotC paladin. All I can say is: I had a freaking good time. I mean I loved playing my Pally, and he leveled faster than the previous lives. In this life I broke many personal tabus and accomplished things I never thought I could, such as:

  • I survived the Repossession quest, breaking my Rite of Passage
  • I saved the day on an elite BB PUG Chrono run, tanking Bloodplate and the CAD
  •  I soloed Invaders! on an elite BB with 0 deaths
  •  I soloed The Crucible on an elite BB and made the swim twice to get the extra chest
  •  I soloed Amrath on elite for the first time ever and got some Yugo pots! (and the Kormor’s Belt I’ve wanted for some time)

I’m telling you, if you want to have fun with a pure KotC Paladin, take him into Sins of Attrition on elite, run until you get Yellow or Orange DA and get surrounded by CR 29 mobs and just swing away, using your LOH to stay up and watching the numbers fly around. To me Amrath feels much more epic than any of the Forgotten Realms quests. Forgot to take a SS of Sins but here is one from the timed quest:

Feel my righteous fury!

Feel my righteous fury!

Anyway, my pally is not uber and I’m sure there are many other builds out there with superb DPS, but he wasn’t as gimp as the forums would have me believe.

On a side note, I TRed into my 7th life, an Evoker Favored Soul (following the Angel of Vengeance destiny). I’m up to level 6 by now and leveling him has been the oposite of my expectations: not fun yet and painful. Low level Favored Soul damaging spells suck, which leaves me hitting thing with a stick. Since I am not built for that, I don’t hit hard. Gah! I’m just hopping it will get better soon. Come on, balde barrier.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. If you just skipped to the end, you were spared from my bad syntax, spelling and rambiling. Good for you. Make sure to leave your thoughts on paladins below.

Have a good week 🙂

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  1. Thanks, Geoff I like my Iconic Paladin. I see why people don’t want them for the traditional DPS or tank rolls, but for solo play the only better for me is a WF artie.

  2. I recommend going into one of those quests, or weapon shipment elite, with the exalted angel destiny – judgement & judge the many make it hilarious 🙂

  3. i know your pain when you say the lower levels on a FvS ain’t fun and are indeed painfull. But keep hopes up, Blade Barrier is on it’s way and will make the FvS much more enjoyable! So will be the wings at 17 and the evocation damaging spells!! I have a FvS at 25 for a while allready and will keep it at epic level because i love it and don’t want to start over again 🙂

  4. Ultimate protector, there. Yeah, there’s a growing weirdness on the forums that’s making the notion of a “pure” anything so…mundane. That a pure Paladin or Rogue or Monk isn’t useful is just hooey. Anyone who simply slams classes and enhancements together just to build an uber-damaging toon will gain a new name to most in their party: “Quorum Lapidem Ducemus” or QLD. “He whose (soul)stone we carry.”

  5. No paladin hate on DDOGamer today! Between your article, and mine, today is officialy We Love Paladins day! 🙂

  6. As someone who played a paladin as her main for a year and a half – and still considers that paladin her co-main – I think anyone who has a blanket hatred of all paladins is an idiot.

    Then again, having a blanket hatred of ANY class is pretty damn stupid, IMHO. I’ve played with paladins who aren’t anything like Even, rogues who have nothing in common with Vic, clerics who bear no resemblance to Jall, etc. Hating an entire class because of running with a few less-than-optimal builds is like saying, “I know this accountant who’s incompetent, so I hate all accountants.” [/rant]

    Kudos to you, Adiurd, for making what sounds like a super fun, extremely capable pally build! As Spencer said, if anyone doesn’t like it, leave room in your backpack for their soulstone. 😉

    • So true, Even 🙂 Having preconcieved notions of any class because of some past bad experiences is just…wrong. Thanks for your kudos. No one has ever badmouthed the pally I built (not that I know of) but to me it just seems most forumites consider pallys (especially pure ones) inferior builds and think just a 2 pally splash is better.

  7. I never truly understood why the hate for paladins was so rampant, at least on the forums. I enjoy playing my paladins and really like their unique abilities. They are solid melee class, with decent healing abilities, strong saves, and interesting backgrounds.

  8. prr 138, ac 208, intim 87, saves up to 86. I love my paladin!

  9. 😛 you spelled “blade” in blade barrier wrong, lol.

    But on to the pally hate. I have seen those. In my opinion paladins make the best tanks, loads of hp’s, good survivability. But usually low on the dps side, so not really a dps toon. I’ve not played a paladin, so I wouldn’t know, this is just based on what kind of toons I see in my raids.

    • I warned you about me horrid spelling 😉 What the hell is a “balde” barrier?! I also had “rouge” instead of rogue but I caught that one before I posted. No make-up around here!

  10. Dwarven Pure Pally S&B, very simple, very effective.

    If you want a high saves version, you could go for something like

    Was a serious contender for Quijonn’s 40th. With the new enhancements would be even better.

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