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Well the wife finally got sick of our master suite color on the old guild airship.  She has finally had enough with the cheap builders white paint that old house Cannith uses to control costs on their cheaper models.

4 days into the painting, yes count’em 4, 1 day for moving all the stuff I have horded in the room, 1 day for cleaning all of the glass spiders out of the room and 1 day for painting half (at least house C didnt go cheap on the trim content), 1 more day for painting and we are 3/4 of the way there.  Let me tell you that the cheap board they use on this ships really soaks up the paint.  DDO must be making a mint off guild airship colors.

In the process of going trim, roll, trim, roll I decided to catch up on my DDOCast episodes.  In particular at this point was the one on the challenges.  After listening to some great tips it occurred to me that they really never got into the house Cannith Challenge weapons.  While house C might take a cut throat approach to maximizing margin on guild airships.  The are more than willing to give out some solid weapons for just a little bit of help collecting their raw materials.

Starting life as a 2 weapon fighter I particularly got some good mileage out of their Elemental Khopesh of Water, no where else can you get this type of weapon with paralyze and damage effects starting at level 12!!

The Great Axe of fire is also perfect for all you big gun types out there, a level 12 metalline weapon that you can slot good into, yes sir sign me up to beat on Harry any day of the week with this bad boy.

I suppose if you were one of those dainty Bard swashbuckling types you might find the Rapier of Air quite useful, but if you are looking to pull out a bow every now and then the Longbow of the Earth is also a solid choice.

The boys and lass also mentioned the rings, bracers, undead weapons and cloak which are all also solid choices.

If you need more information on any of the house Cannith gear check out your old pall the DDOWIKI, the greatest guide to DDO out there, sometimes the info is a little buried on the good stuff.  For the best information check out crafting on the top header, then pick Cannith Challenges.

All of which gets us back around to the master suite on the airship.  One can only fit so many weapons racks in a room until even a bearded dwarf wife thinks you have gone too far!!!

One last thing, don’t let her ever talk you into throwing away your towel, wiki, or gear, you never know when another profitable adventure will come up.



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  1. you’d think as long as we talk that we’d get everything into a show.

    sadly this is not the case…

    great follow up!

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