Nov 222010

I know this is a great problem to have … but … I’m drowning in new content!

  • I’ve beaten the House D Sentinels quest line many times, have all of the items I want, but none of the epic versions
  • I’ve beaten the House P Maleficent Cabal quest line many times, have all of the items I want, including several epic versions, but cannot seem to complete the items I really want to get epic-ized
  • I’ve beaten the House K Red Fens quest line twice? Thrice? I am not even certain what items drop there let alone which ones I really want
  • I’ve beaten the Lordsmarch Plaza Drooam quest line exactly once. I remain a babe in the woods regarding pretty much everything in that chain, although I love the travel-by-ballista approach
  • And now I am even two weeks behind in just reading the posts about Update 8 on Lammania!

With the holidays coming I foresee more and more family time and activities and even less opportunity to catch up with the DDO release cycle.

Wow. So much content I cannot even keep up. I <3 Free-To-Play!

What do you think?

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