Sep 122011


Explorer areas count as “outside” too, right?

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  1. Well of course they do! 😉

  2. At least when it rains in DDO you don’t get wet in rl.

  3. Looks good enough for me.

  4. @Siccan: Unless your Dr Pepper explodes when you open it while playing (trust me…)

    @Geoff… of COURSE you gotta go outside… you’re The Sun!

  5. Much prefer explorer area over actually going outside, but for some reason if I don’t go outside, there’s no money, no food and therefore no enjoying explorer areas.
    Oh in regard to the rain: Am I the only person who wishes it was sunny all the time in Stormreach?
    Oh great, it’s raining. Oh great, it’s night.

  6. @ Krisson But if there was no night in Stormreach, thered be no pretty sunsets! =O

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