Jan 062014

Brickey Lee Salutes You From Ghallanda!
Brickey Lee Salutes You From Ghallanda!

The other day, I found this in my twitter inbox from @RSitter

Can I get a shout out to my Guild “Heroes of the Hinfolk” on Ghallanda server, we just hit level 70 today! a 5-year effort. – *Rokne*

I’m not used to getting requests here on DDOGamer, actually this is the first one ever, but who am I to say no to a shout out?

Busting out shout outs
Like a top-40 DJ
I’m Casey Kasem!

A big DDOGamer/Ghallanda salute to you and your guild, @RSitter, and many happy future guild levels to you all.
🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Salutes back from your fellow G-landers in Tyrs Paladium to Heroes of the Hinfolk for your achievement!

  2. Hi Ghallandarites!

    You know, I think I helped found a guild of small folk on Ghallanda, I should totally play there more often…

  3. Nice congrats!! Patience is a good thing!!

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