Sep 062015

So I’m running Korthos with a friend, a player new to DDO, and the inevitable question comes.

“What does the frog do?”

“Who him? Oh, that’s just my companion.”

“What does he do?”

“Nothing really. He just follows me around.”

“Oh. How do I get one.”

“You have to pay for it.”

“Pay for a frog that does nothing but follow me around?”

My friend is bewildered. And I realize now that there really is no explaining our creature companions in Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Greg (short for Gregory, but everyone calls him Greg) does much more than follow me around. He gets excited when I travel through Delera’s graveyard. He chirps and ribbits and kicks his legs and makes a fuss. (I’ve since learned it’s because of the puddles on the paths through the grave markers).

My more experienced friends have bought into role-playing where Greg is concerned.

*After a victorious fight against a large mob of trolls in the Troll Lair in Gianthold*

“Greg seemed pretty excited back there.”

“Yeah he landed a few crits on that one shaman.”

“Yeah, I saw.”

We laugh. Greg has taken on the role of party member with those who’ve run with me often over the past couple years. I have a host of companions over various servers but Greg is my favorite. He really does seem to be enjoying himself even if he does nothing. When I summon him, everyone smiles.

“Okay, I’m ready.”

“But where’s Greg.”

“Oh, dang. I forgot.”


“Okay, we can go now.”


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  1. I have a tressym that I sometimes imagine counts as an adventurer when I’m soloing an adventure yet monsters say “kill them!”.

  2. Gamer child was most excited when I allowed her to use her DDO points to buy the panda who she named Bandit. Companions make the game sometimes regardless of use.

  3. *looks at her 69-and-counting companions*

    It’s funny how something that “does nothing” becomes such a big part of the game experience. Each of my toons has his or her own favorites, but all 69 pets get brought out to play on a regular basis. (Wow, if I’m spending all those hours making sure none of my pets are neglected, I really *do* spend too much time in DDO…)

    I’m still waiting for a pet Dretch, though!

  4. The companions are definitely fun, although I don’t summon them forth nearly as much. I use their larger cousins way too often though (the onyx panther and owl bears).

  5. Yep, they do nothing, and yet I’ve got several, and have headcanons for several.

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