Jun 092010

Running Bastion of Power with an all-Halfling Commandos group. Which is another way to say all-chaotic, all the time.

Some of us are not familiar with the quest. Some of us are under level or underpower. None of us are dominating – and it is a difficult quest. We work our way through the initial maze, and hit a large group of monsters guarding the last portal by the maze exit.

Chaos ensues. -BING- Dead. -BING- Another dead. The party splits as people try to just survive. -BING- -BING- Finally -BING- only the cleric is alive, frantically trying to find a safe place to shed agro and come back for the rest of us … -BING-

Party wipe.

Ah, but the cleric has wisely prepared Death Pact, or as we refer to it, the “I’m gonna raise my own damn self” spell. She selects a place to raise that will not get agro, then we can all run to her one at a time… we’ve done this before, lots of times.

She carefully looks about and then raises herself.

-BING- Cleric has died.

Somehow our cleric has managed to find a “safe” raise point that is actually inside a previously unseen Gelatinous Cube.

Best place to take a raise, ever!

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  1. Hilarious 🙂

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