Apr 172013

The DDO Compendium is going away, and like much of the other DDO-related web presence, will not be replaced. I am rewriting and transferring some of the references that I created from the Compendium to this site while I can. These articles refer to older quests, but I still use the information, sporadically, while re-leveling my TR characters.

Orchard of the Macabre

  • Level 14
  • XP per encounter: 850
  • XP for completing all encounters: 6375
  • You must be in the level range 10 to 19 to get full experience for this quest.

Encounter Type Location
Destroy the Carcass Eaters @ Bone Yard
Slay Parcae Flesh Golem @ Doomsphere Tower (or just east of it)
Slay Tahareh Beholder South of Doomsphere Tower (or even further south)
Slay Firenze Fire Elemental On the way from orchard entrance to Eastern Falls
Slay Palmis Samit Giant Skeleton Northeast of Temple of Vol (or further NE on a ledge)
Slay Otvos Gisun Mummy @ Eastern Falls
Slay Madellia Braelon Blackbone Skeleton @ Eastern Crypt
Slay Cymon Durosom Arcane Skeleton @ Northern Crypt
Slay Huckaby Isable Shadow @ Underground Pass
Destroy the Zombie Train On the way from orchard entrance to Bone Yard
Rescue Radhnik Odeen Squishy human Southeast of Temple of Vol
Slay Edeva Yllka Wraith @ Family Burial Grounds
Slay Quinny Undead Rat @ Burial Chamber
Slay Gwennaelle Ruchelia Wheep @ Western Crypt
Slay Pyttan Ayrienne Zombie @ Pyttans Tomb


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