Orb of Mystery

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Jun 122013

Mystifying. But not so mysterious that I can't jump up on it.
Mystifying. But not so mysterious that I can’t jump up on it

I wonder what this thing is?

I’ve only run the first two of the adventures in Update 18, I haven’t yet run the one that requires the expansion pack pre-purchase (even though I have pre-purchased) as most of my guildmates have not. Yet.

Maybe these orbs are explained in the third quest.

But still I wonder. They are pearlescent dark, grey/black, seemingly absorbing light. They are surrounded by a cubic lattice that rotates about the orb in a mesmerizing pattern. Always accompanied  by purplish light and vapors, nothing about these orbs looks good or holy or “safe”. Plus I keep finding them around Shar worshippers, not a good sign really, no matter how you look at it.

I wonder what it is?

They can’t be selected and as far as I can tell, cannot be interacted with in any way. No poking or prodding or spellcasting has any effect on them, they just sit there spinning, defying my ability to understand or control them. They do exist in that they prevent one from walking right through them. They are solid, and one can jump up on top of them. Although one has to gather their courage a bit before attempting this, they look so very evilish.

I wonder what they are?

The animation is truly hypnotic. Maybe I will capture one in a GIF. But not today, no, today I am just staring at the thing. It spins most entrancingly.

Purplish lighting and smoke means evil, yes?

Orb of mystery
Floating, spinning, entrancing
What is your purpose?

I expect we will find out soon enough.

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  1. It looks really interesting. I would bet its a hint for the main plot in the expansion.

  2. It’s a Dyson Sphere, within a containment device that’s been provided by the Timelords & it’s far bigger on the inside. The portal in weapon shipment is also pretty hypnotic & coincidentally if you watch it long enough you might see a little blue police box flying around in there too.

  3. Guildies & I spent about 10 minutes trying to grab it, move it etc… then discussed it’s possibilities. We all agreed the square framework would make a good handle to grip it, the orb adds weight, the corners of the frame could do some nasty damage if you swung it around… 😀

  4. Would it be a spoiler if someone answered your postulation about an explanation being found in the third quest with “No.”?

  5. Considered its hooked your attention, I’m going to assume that it’s a hooker. Beware of deseise and mummy rot.

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