Jan 182011

While managing my MMOtivational thumbnails I noticed that my general comments widget (the WP Wall) was configured so that only registered users could make a comment. It had always been that way, this is the default setting.

“How restrictive” thinks I as I uncheck the option checkbox, “Maybe if I open it up, others will feel more encouraged to comment”.

I check back a couple of days later and I have 18 new comments. Yay, this is exactly what I had hoped would happen! Except… upon examination, they aren’t really comments… they are sort of random words strung together with a link? On no, they are not comments at all, they are in fact SPAM! Every one of them.

How did the spammers find my little blog so fast?

I delete the offending spammers and go about my business. This becomes part of my routine: every day or so I check my blog, find spam, delete it. I decide it is not all that bad, and worth it if actual readers feel more encouraged to leave feedback.

A couple of weeks pass, new spam pretty much every day, zero new feedback. I begin to question my decision.

Yesterday I log in and there is a comment with a link in the title suggesting that it is a downloadable version of the Green Hornet movie. Not buried in comments either but right at the top of the main page. With text that suggests (quite artfully) that I put the link there in order to get a linkback. The link went somewhere unrecognizable – yet I am sure it would not be a wise place to visit. DELETE.

Today it is back again but even more subtle. Eventually someone is going to click on this link, maybe even thinking they are “supposed to”, and get a virus (or worse). From MY blog. This cannot stand.

I’ve restored the comments to their original setting. Once again, you must be logged in to leave a comment.

How sad that even a tiny little DDO blog, on a site chock full of thousands of DDO blogs, cannot leave even the smallest portion of itself open to convenience but must instead lock down every byte.

What do you think?

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