Jan 192010

Everyone else is avoiding bombs and IEDs, but his job is to seek them out. On purpose.

His commander made him take a day off, so he logged into DDO and asked me if I would mind showing him how to get some quick XP in the Vale.

From Afghanistan.

I felt like reaching through the voice chat and hugging him, but obviously I can’t, and if I could he wouldn’t want it. He logged in for fantasy escapism, and I tried to respect that and kept my questions to myself. He gets to be Army Man all the time, he deserves some Halfling Commando time.

He actually apologized for having been gone so much lately.

When we were done, I left to shower and get ready to go to my job as a programmer. He left to get some sleep before going back out to deal with intricate devices that are designed to kill him.

There are so many life lessons to draw from this experience I don’t know where to start.

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  1. What unit is he in, I’m also an ol’ DEMO man
    my unit is in the sand box now I wonder if I know him

  2. 1141st Sappers

  3. Thanks for letting us know about him. Making up a care package from the Halfling contingent as we speak.

  4. thank you for thoughs if you have any questions ill be happy to answer them and Halfling Commandos RULE!! thanks for the support it means alot.

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