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I need to have a decent healer but I hate just sitting there watching the red bars. I need action: someone who can heal from the front lines.

The Life Knife
Level 20 Neutral Good Halfling Female
(20 Favored Soul)

Goals of this build:

  • Good healing ability
  • Decent Blade Barrier
  • Enough HP and DPS to stand in front, even if not overpoweringly so

This is my fourth attempt at a Favored Soul. None of my previous efforts (an evil caster that only selected necromantic spells, an overly-ambitious ranged/melee/healing/caster, and a mostly meleer) have proven to be long-term viable.

This time I am scaling way back: pretty good healing, yes, but the fighting is so-so and the offensive casting is lacking altogether (other than BB of course).


(32 Point)       (Level 1)          (Level 20)
Strength             14                 20
Dexterity            10                 12
Constitution         16                 16
Intelligence          9                 10
Wisdom               14                 16
Charisma             13                 18

Tomes Used
+1 Tome of Intelligence used at level 4
+1 Tome of Strength used at level 4

This is one class that would really benefit from the extra four points available through TR. But I am SO over TRs, at least until there is more high-level content. +2 Tomes for CHA or (especially) CON would be pretty helpful here.


Hit Points:     507:  140(FvS) +120(CON) +30(vit) +60(CON item) +22(Tgh) +30(GFL) +60 (Enh) +45(greensteel)
Spell Points:  2715: 1725(FvS) +80(CHA)+60(CHA item) +150 (Enh) +300(greensteel) +400(archmagi)
BAB:             15:   20 with divine favor
Fortitude:       24:   16 +3(con item) +5(resist item)
Reflex:          19:   14 +5(resist item)
Will:            24:   16 +3(wis item) +5(resist item)

Hit points are fine, and spell points seem pretty good. The saves kind of scare me. They are much lower than I expected. I wonder if I am missing something?


                 (Level 1)            (Level 20)
Concentration         4                    23
Jump                  2                    24
Tumble                1                     1

Not a skill-rich build


Level  1 Favored by the Sovereign Host (FvS)
Level  1 Martial Weapon Proficiency: Falchion
Level  3 Toughness
Level  5 Energy Resistance: Fire (FvS)
Level  6 Extend Spell
Level  9 Empower Healing Spell
Level 10 Energy Resistance: Acid (FvS)
Level 12 Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons
Level 15 Energy Resistance: Electricity (FvS)
Level 15 Maximize Spell
Level 18 Quicken Spell

Three melee related feats and a bunch of healing/party support. No room for spell pen or THF 🙁


Favored Soul Damage Boost III
Favored Soul Jump II
Favored Soul Toughness IV
Racial Toughness II

Halfling Dexterity II
Favored Soul Charisma III
Favored Soul Wisdom II

Favored Soul Ascendency: Sovereign Host
Favored Soul Wand and Scroll Mastery III

Favored Soul Prayer of Life III
Favored Soul Life Magic IV
Favored Soul Energy of the Scion IV

Laser focus. I would do without the Jump and Halfling Dex but I need to spend the points on something.

Anything I missed? Anything I could improve? I always make at least one major error when I do one of these…

This build created using
DDO Character Planner Version 3.34
DDO Character Planner Home Page
Thanks to Ron and the Planner team!


  • Veteran cannot consume tomes till level 4
  • This also caused a loss of one point in Jump
  • Swapped feats to be able to take Toughness at level 3

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  1. I was really excited about Favored Soul and rolled one as soon as Canith went live, but ended up playing the bard instead.. Rolled a healer as well FatherGuido Sarducci, only made it to 5, got bored. My Divine Avenger, Kyllan is 10 now and borked, dual wielding bastard swords (Bard hand me downs), what was I thinking? Good luck with yours, I just can’t seem to get it right.

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