Jun 232016

I have a multi-tasking, multi-level mind. On one level, I am playing DDO, engaging buttons and skills and trying to both stay alive and not suck. A harder task than you might think, because I am genetically incapable of paying attention to my hit point bar.

But even while playing, on other levels I am involved in other entertainments. Maybe I have my eye on a particularly interesting internet article. Or maybe I am thinking about DDO the Card Game, or any of the myriad other game designs I have stuck in my head.

And on top of all that is my public interface, meaning, my mouth, which is generally outputting a continuous stream of very bad jokes and off-kilter observations that I find funny. Sometimes involving the game but just as likely not. It is pretty random; even I do not know what will be coming out next.

If you think you have to put up with a lot of inanity and drivel here on DDOGamer, you should try questing with me. I have no idea how those around me survive it; I suspect a lot of “/squelch add geoffhanna” is necessary, even if well-meaning, and even if only for mental health reasons.

One of my very favorite things is to play minor tricks on my compatriots, and then make fun of them for allowing me to do so. That sounds more cruel than it really is; I am not the guy that puts grease on the trail in Tempest Spine (although I might put grease on a shrine just to watch everyone flail as they try to get to it). Nothing that does real harm. Just fun.

Usually the pranks aren’t even as harmful as grease. Just silliness. Like this:

“On me for group buff”, I say, offhandedly-yet-commandlingly, as we are finishing up with a shrine.

Everyone dutifully centers on my character, except for a couple of characters who already had run off. They are running back too; I will wait.

Suddenly “hey wait” says Geek Mom, “you are on your Rogue!” she is right, I am on my rogue.

“You don’t have any buffs!”, she realizes out loud, and she is right again.

“You’re just going to put Bubblehead on us. Again.” she says, as I am casting Bubblehead on everyone. Again.



Bubblehead for everyone!


“You got me to run almost all the way back, just to get Bubblehead.” she says, now merely belaboring the obvious, but at least she is laughing.

So it goes when you run with me. Some good, some bad, and really a whole lot of inanity and uselessness.

Really a whole lot.

Also, Bubblehead.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚


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  1. Amoora looks very displeased; either because she isn’t in the Torchwood guild or because she must suffer another Bubblehead. Twipple, on the other hand, appears indifferent.

  2. I hope the other Flower Sniffers don’t read this so my rogue can surprise them with a good bubbleheading tomorrow night…

    *whistles innocently*

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