May 172016

Running the TR cycle again on my main character Bentor on Khyber.  Up next on the list Artificer, and with the self healing ability for Warforged the race is locked in…of we go.

First stop check the old TR Cache and see what we have to help out with this life.

Repeaters Check, Gloves Check, Boots Check, Crystal Cove Pendants Check…..Docent….Docent….Docent…anybody….anybody….

Well I could craft something, so I did a docent of invulnerability, works pretty good 5DR/Magic and off I went.

But wait what is this in the TR cache…where did it even come from the Tarnished Blademark’s Docent…wonder what I can unravel?


Quick Wiki check and it as the Sentinels of Stormreach, which means I can probably upgrade it for Heroic levels and I have a bunch of Sigils.  Up and Up I climb and out of Visbane’s Folley comes the Blademark’s Docent, quite a solid piece of kit for level 5!!


So just because something is old and rusted doesn’t mean that it is old and busted!

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  1. The epic version of that still holds up pretty nicely for a while too, ditto the heroic & epic versions of the deneith heavy chain – epic chain is a really nice piece of kit for warlocks & favoured souls in particular, i’ve found.. but then so is the epic templar’s bastion, so it’s a matter of which i’ve got the pieces to assemble which i go for 🙂

  2. The Deneith Heavy Chain is pretty cool too at level. Plus it looks good.

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