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If you were in Weapon Shipment on Sarlona this morning, you may have had this happen to you:

  • The run was kind of difficult. There are first-timers in the group. You unexpectedly have to use resources to insure success
  • After you’ve done all of that, as you are starting the end fight, the leader lets another player into the group. The new player is an unusual build, mainly monk with some wizard
  • The new player takes forever to get in, piking?
  • He conveniently shows up exactly as the pit fiend dies and runs straight to the chest
  • The only action that player has taken in the whole quest is to open the chest. He does, and sure enough, gets the Bauble
  • He takes the bauble, even though he’s a monk!
  • The group leader offers him a million plat for it, but he just loots it and leaves the group

Don’t you hate that guy? What an asshat. Except, no wait, it was me.

And now, the rest of the story:

As I do most mornings, I microwave a cup of tea and blearily log into DDO. I have an hour, maybe 90 minutes before I have to wash and wear myself for work and I am hoping for an epic run or perhaps a ToD.

Evenings and weekends are all about my guild. Early mornings are about me, character development, and maybe a Chinese PUG or two. Pure playing.

I am in luck, a ToD, Chinese of course at this hour, and my barbarian Knicker is the last character in. The run goes decently if a little more slowly than I expected, I play adequately, and we win.

No, right as I am going for the main chest I disconnect! Stupid router. Its been flaky for about a month. I bought a new one Friday but haven’t had a chance to install it. I reboot the router and log in as quickly as I can but too late; the quest has ended and I am standing in the public ToD instance area. Completion, timer, no chance at a ring.

The clock has been ticking this whole time of course and I simply can’t do another full quest. There is a Weapon Shipment group forming … That only takes a few minutes … and my Monk/Wizard Oriental still has no Bauble … I really don’t have much time and I am feeling down from the ToD: I decide to just ignore the clock. I swap characters hoping the group will still be there when I finish the swap.

Luck holds, and the leader accepts my somewhat unusual build (sometimes people won’t allow it in their PUG). As I join I can hear the voice chatter and they are discussing whether to help the Titan; they are already at the end fight, I am in Meridia; I doubt I can get there before they finish but I can try, and if not I’ll log off and park the character in Amrath.

Not that it really matters, I’ve been running this quest for years. In all those times (dozens? hundreds?) I’ve only gotten the Bauble once. My wizard has never gotten it, my cleric has never gotten it, my monk/wizard has never gotten it, only my sorceror hagglebot has gotten it and she is always like that.

I sometimes get boot ingredients, and besides, a man has to have hope, right? Maybe someday another Bauble will drop.

And so I do what I can to traverse the DDO world as fast as possible; Haste, House P pendant, liberal use of Abundant Step. Six seperate zones before I am in the quest, I am in and they are still fighting! I zoom, trying to get to the end and help … and get jumped by three devils? Who leaves devils behind in this quest? Is that even possible?

Apparently it is, and I am unbuffed and unprepared and down 2/3 of my hit points before I can do anything about it. Circle/jump/kite, get defensive spells in place, suck down a couple of pots, can’t die here! Somehow I am able to regain balance and initiative; I land a couple of lucky stuns and take out the devils before they can eat up my last few hit points.

I have to go into the end fight without hit points. I’m embarrassed, yet I Haste and zoom hoping my group will understand: as the new zone is loading, the very first sound I hear is the death cry of the pit fiend. I am too late.

There is a chest, and I am not too late for that. I wait to see if anyone is going to mojo the chest, when no one does I open it. I can’t believe it: the Bauble. Really I am stunned, my morning was going too poorly for something like this to happen. There it is. I snag it before my stupid router can D/C me again.

The group volume was raising in excitement when they realized that the monk drew the Bauble; I hear the group leader offering plat for it. It is quite sad to hear the dejection when they realize that the monk looted it. I hope they saw the blue mana bar, I am not a greed-before-need kinda guy, not that any of these strangers will know that of course. There is talk about going for the optional, helping with that is the least I can do, but everyone is now depressed and a couple of people leave.

There will be another run, but they want to wait to refill two slots. And I have my Bauble. And I was pushing the clock to begin with. I thank everyone and leave.

Asshat? I don’t know, certainly not from my point of view. I wonder how many of the people that have aggravated me over the years in fact have their own point of view too.

And I am definitely installing the new router tonight!

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  1. I lol’d, great stuff.

  2. Funny…same thing happened when my monk entered shadow crypt? …just in time for end chest and lo! …Devouts, loot, grin. Pissed a couple off but nothing was ever said about rolling at the end. Still felt bad, so ran again and they dropped again. Whew, put ’em up for roll, but wanted to just pass to my friend, grp leader. Dont know if he ever got any, 8(.

  3. I consistently preach “Your loot, your choice.” Even if your char didn’t have a mana bar, where would I get off claiming Psychic Friends Network insight about the destiny of your build? TR means any piece of gear can be relevant loot to any character. Case closed.

    Of course, people will still loot things for dumb reasons (“I want this Green Blade because I need a force damage weapon!”), and players craving a certain item easily turn into hungry wolves in the face of disappointment, but you know what I say? DDO wants YOU to have that bauble. Shiny! 🙂

  4. I totally agree about the “your loot your choice” thing, but I would never loot a caster item on a melee if there are casters in the group. Or a melee item on a caster. Etc.

    I know I know my loot my choice. I choose to give it to the character that can most use it 🙂

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