May 152015

I always find it interesting that people will run Delera’s Tomb for the Voice of the Master, but many don’t run Threnal for the Mantle of the Worldshaper.

Who doesn’t love a cloak that gives free die hard, spell absorption and +5% XP, maybe I am just lazy but many times this lasts on my toons to level 20.  No losing XP forgetting to swap in my voice.

Good to level 20+!

Good to level 20+!

Both quest chains have great end items, and with no math to back it up, I would say close to the same XP.

Not to mention with Threnal the story progression of who to talk to is easier and there is not a Holy Chicken Leg…..both are similar in that besides the main chain there are side quests, but for some reason DDO decided not to list the side quests in Threnal.

Saving the best for last the best reason to run Threnal might be the War Blade you can get my accessing one of the side quests when the chain is completed.

Who doesn’t love a 1.5W 1d10 longsword with a purple and red slot at level 8!!!  Pair this with your Retribution or when going after constructs your Nightforged Avenger!!!




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  1. The Threnalian War Blade is pretty awesome. The dagger too.

  2. I love the Threnal chain.

  3. Last night I made a Master’s Gift to slot in my rogue’s Treasure Hunter’s Spyglass. (I had just Epic Reincarnated her.) You’d think that Threnal would see more play since it only takes the DM’s Set plus 5 Greater Tokens to make a MG in the Epic Altar. I plan on doing more Threnal runs to get a few more cloaks for crafting.

    Now I can just run and not worry about switching over to a voice and I can painlessly get all of the bonus XP on the optionals while keeping my Spyglass’ bonuses.

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