Apr 292015

Oh my god, is he talking again?
I have been told by several people, some of whom are not my wife, that the worst part of Guild Night is those occasions were we spend a bunch of time talking about what we are going to do. Instead, everyone mainly agrees that they will do whatever everyone else wants to do. While this response is both amiable and kind, it is not actually something to do.

Sometimes I’ll provide choices: we can do this thing, or that thing, or that other thing. Now everyone vote! Except no, often no one really votes and I just end up choosing. Or watching my wife’s face as the options are discussed, trying to divine which one she’d rather do (or more importantly, which ones she’d rather not do).

You may be picking up on the fact that this is not an optimal process.

There is a solution: goals. When we are chasing something specific we always know what we’ll be doing on any given night. Tuesday night is Heroic night, and we’ve had goals. Get everyone green steel. Get everyone to level 20. Those goals kept us pretty busy for quite some time.

Except now we’ve accomplished them. Now we’re back to standing around wondering what to do.

So I laid it out for everyone last night. Sadly, I had no magical way to do it, just the same way I do quest choices. We could do this thing (flag for all the raids and run them all) or that thing (work towards getting everyone capped) or that other thing (work to TR everyone and start Heroics over again).

Some of the choices were harder to explain than others – we have players who haven’t been Epic before. I took my time, laid it all out as cleanly as I could, yet I got no clear majority choice. One player suggested we do some raids and then work to get capped and that carried the day. Not because everyone else went along, it’s more that everyone else failed to evince a preference. So that one vote was enough.

Meanwhile, I was trying to think through the mechanics of capping everyone. The Menace of the Underdark quests have to be run in a specific order, but we’re a chaotic group. Sometimes everyone is on, sometimes only one or two, how do we keep track of who has done what?

Suddenly an actual idea: Sagas. That is how. If everyone takes every saga on each of these characters, we’ll always know who still needs what. Sagas. Except we had players who aren’t familiar with sagas.

I was in the middle of explaining this when my wife’s computer blew up. Figuratively not literally, no smoke, no flames, just a continuing series of chimes followed by my Gamer Girl convulsing in laughter. “What?” I asked, but she was too busy laughing. Just continue, she signaled, and so I did, explaining how sagas work and how we could use them to track our progress.

Meanwhile the chimes, and associated laughter, continue throughout.

And then we are off to defeat Vision of Destruction. Which requires more talking, and more coordination. We have players who do not know the quest. There is nothing for it but to describe the required jobs and sequences.

Yet every time I do, my Gamer Girl’s computer chimes and peals of laughter break out.

She looks over at me. “It says, oh my god is he talking again?”

And then the laughter. Again.

Well, at least I am funny sometimes. Now if only I could do it on purpose.

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  1. We had a simmilar issue but it got solved with /roll in our static group

    our case was to run he toee or beyond the rift and wheloon
    solution : everyone /roll d6, even for toee, uneven for rift+sf
    6 rolled of which 4x uneven = rift, toee will be next time

  2. Are you sure you & your guildies aren’t channeling the vultures from dumbo?

    • “So what you wanna do tonight? – I dunno, what you wanna do? – Look, every night it’s the same thing: I ask ‘What you wanna do?’ and you say ‘I dunno, what you wanna do?’. Let’s do something. {pause} So what you wanna do? -I dunno; hey! Now don’t start that again!”


      • Yeah, that’s pretty much our Friday guild night. LOL

        We should all have macros so we can hit one key and have five, “I don’t care, whatever you guys want to run” hitting the screen at once.

  3. Well, honestly I was trying to make her snort her bloody Mary out her nose….but alas I failed.

  4. I’m feeling this way in the guild, and I don’t think it’s a good thing. I may be playing ninjas but it might be I’m more of an assassin of joy because of explanations, or, worse, I’m volunteering to lead rather than let others explore. This may be less them than me, but it’s harder to find a friend to run with, nowadays.

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