Aug 292016

It had been several months. Long enough for the pain of failure to wither and die, forgotten (mostly) by the anticipation of possible victory and the determination to try again.

Plus we were getting a little bored with the Fall of Truth and needed another raid that you can get to without preamble and complete in relatively short time.

And so we found ourselves once again in front of the Ascension Chamber, and its epic resident raid, the Mark of Death.

<cue wild blast of organ music>

<cue cacophonous crazed laughter>

<cue insanity>

Yes, that Mark of Death. The raid that had defeated us, soundly, fifteen or sixteen times in a row. The raid that even a Turbine employee could not get us through.

That Mark of Death.

We are a slightly different group now, a few more hit points, a little more experience, and a little more information. Geekmom has taken some time to actually read about the raid and watch one of Voodu Spyce’s training videos, where in the past we’d sort of just stumbled our way through.

So maybe we are better prepared. Slightly.

We have one fortunate event right away in that one of the PUG players we’ve solicited to fill our group already knows how to get to the side portals and can handle one by himself. The side portals have been our bane in previous attempts, but having half of them resolved is a big plus!

We can take care of the other, in bulk, we are pretty sure, having brought a couple of characters with enough hit points to swim for it.

And that is how it goes, actually, surprising everyone.


The black Abbot, hounded by Commandos

The Abbot is as fierce as ever, but we are better prepared, with better weapons and more hit points. He is really no trouble.


I am able to place myself perfectly and take no damage from Inferno this run, none at all, even though there were several Infernos. I can’t see everyone, but I assume they are largely doing the same as we had no Inferno losses.



Hard to tell from this strangely-timed shot be we are handling the Disjunctions well too


Lady Vol, entertaining visitorsAnd just like that, victory. And looting.

Perhaps persistence really does overcome resistance after all.

No named loot of course, we are on Normal after all.

But this is still a victory, even if only a Normal one. An encouraging victory. If we can do this once, we can likely do it again, probably on Hard. There are Mark of Death items that seem pretty useful to me, even into the current end game. Especially if one has enough Epic Tapestry Shreds to upgrade them completely.

And there is only one way to get a pile of Epic Tapestry Shreds.

Look out Lady Vol, it looks like we are about to become regular visitors.

Mind if I stop by again, say once every week or two?

Mind if I bring along a few friends?

I’m sure you won’t have a problem with them. We’re friendly Commandos.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I love the screenshot of Pink!

  2. Good work!

  3. Congrats! I’ve done that one with a well-strategized group a few times. I don’t find that one entertaining but at least I can say I survived one.

    Two bits to note: Heavenly Presence (tier 5 in Divine Crusader) makes you immune from becoming encased. And, to avoid the inferno, stand in the NE, SE, SW or NW edges of the platform.

    Other than that, even my most reflex-happy Monk has been reduced to cinders more often than I’d like.

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