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The title of this article is an exaggeration. Numerology is a pseudoscience where future meanings are gleaned from numbers and their relationships. Because predicting the future always works.

But today’s article does involve numbers, even if not numerology itself. Better yet, the numbers were found by other people! All I had to do was read them. And … well … write about them so you’d know too.

Last week I listed the most popular DDO Wiki articles, at least as they are linked from I wondered aloud if it was possible to find the most popular pages, without limiting to only those that people have clicked while here.

And so it is. Astute reader Thalone provided an easy link to the DDO Wiki views page: Popular Pages

Thalone notes that ” … by nature older content will be biased to have more views, take the counts with a grain of salt.”

And so it shall be noted. Hey, let’s have a notably salty graph!

Most popular DDO Wiki pages

Nice find, Thalone, and thank you!

Now that is interesting!

Meanwhile, Ben of DDO Gaming pointed out in his blog article “Most Deaths!” that the Monster Manual tracks more than just how many times you have slain each type of monster: but also tracking how many times they have slain you!

Like Ben, I found that I had been killed by Humans more than anything. Beholders and Hobgoblins were tied for second.

Monster Manual death and slayer counts

Clearly these numbers are off, in some cases way off; one assumes they cannot count deaths that happened before the monster manual was released?

There is no doubt that 108 deaths by beholder is nowhere near enough. I imagine that my characters were killed more than 108 times just by R’zzix, the named beholder in Caverns of Korromar. In 2006 alone.

Win this Menace of the Underdark expansion pack!I am interested to see which monster is the most deadly. I’d have to go through all of them by hand, dividing the number of times I’ve killed each one by the number of times they’ve killed me. Which sounds … well actually this sounds quite interesting!

But I am time constrained and will have to tackle this new project another day. It is enough for now that I can see the numbers.

Thank you Ben, and a nice find!

Clearly the DDO community is in fact a batch of seriously astute readers. Nicely done, one and all, and keep the nice finds coming!

I predict a rosy future full of lovely graphs. And numbers. So maybe this is slightly numerological after all.


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  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ I spent some time looking through the monster manual yesterday.. looking for those deaths. I also had human at no 1.. at ~240 deaths.. skeletons at no 2 with ~150

  2. As to why Ping is the 3rd most visited article, that one must definitely be biased on creation date.

  3. The monster manual needs to add another entry: Player. I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself dead and ticked off, what the heck killed me?! I scroll up through the combat log and have found out that apparently my toons are somewhat suicidal. Combat: You have been killed by Shindurza. Cripe, I don’t even use /death!!!

  4. The Home page says “This page has been accessed 2,747 times.”, I wonder if that’s just since the last edit/update/etc… ?

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