Oct 032013

The Mizza Zone

… I figured it was time for me to explain certain things now that Im more comfortable talking about it.

During the course of life people, regardless of how old or young they are or how “mature” you think them to be, will sometimes react to things in real life in a very negative way. These things tend to be a painful, frustrating or just not a good experience with something or someone. Sometimes, they react by taking out what theyre feeling onto others.  Not even I, an Empress of all things, am immune to this.

Last year, I had been seeing someone for a long time. A good couple years to be speciffic. During the last couple months of our relationship we had been talking about getting married. One day while getting ready for work I got a text message saying theyd been seeing someone else the last few months and that it was over between us. I went to work, came home, made a snack then went to bed and forced myself to go to sleep without thinking about it.

The next day, I did what I always did, I logged into DDO to escape from the crap in the real world. So, I log into DDO onto the Orien sever, where my little guild is(and has remained neglected(poor guild)) and the first thing I saw was that everyone was gone from it except one of Doms characters which left me more than a little confused. When he got on the first thing he did was give a very poorly worded explanation(I never asked for one, but he gave one anyway). Ultimatly it left left me feeling ditched and abandoned in DDO as well as in the real world and made it hard to ignore the hurt I was having to deal with.

Later that day I wrote a blog explaining how I felt without going into detail of why I felt that way. Then, for some reason, someone decided to turn it into a firestorm. But, its all done now. What happened still hurts. But Im feeling alot better. Growing up I wasnt that girl who just dreamed every day about her wedding and so forth. I thought more along the lines that it just wasnt going to happen for me. So, getting so close, then having it end just like that in the way it ended, It hurt. I needed an excuse to let it out and unfortunatly I used what happened as an excuse to vent on some people who didnt deserve it.

So, as the blog title says, the dust has settled. Ive given my apologies to the ones I deemed deserving of one and now Im moving forward from what happened. Afterall, life goes on. It dont stop for anyone. Not even an Empress as awesome as me.

So, I hope everyone has good days and… eat some cheese. Thats a royal damn order!


Mizzaroos Song Of The day

(Like with last time, I dont know how many of you follow my “Song…” links, but believe me when I tell all of you, this is probably the most amazing that Ive posted. Its definetly worth a watch or twelve. Anyways, enjoy, or dont enjoy. Whichever fits yer fancy!)

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  1. I’m sorry you got crapped on Mizz That sucks, and hurts, and there aren’t any good words to use to make you feel better. Things do get better though.

    Also, I continue to love your taste in music 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear about your troubles. All I can offer is the proverb “This too shall pass”. Oh, and ice cream helps also 😉

  3. You just have to deal and move on as best you can 🙂 I’m glad you have.

    {Goes looking for cheese}

    Oh and Tool are awesome!

  4. I know that getting dumped like that hurts… but a two-timing asshole is not someone you would have wanted to marry anyway, I’m sure? So, even though things didn’t turn out the way you wanted, I would think you’re better without him. And now you can focus on the things that make you happy. Also, never settle, be with someone who deserves you. 🙂

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