Jan 252017

The new Producers Letter is here and it is so lovely and so exactly what I think it ought to be that I might as well have written it myself.

Really. I could not have imagined it. I am shocked and awed at the shocking awesomeness! Seriously! I mean, it was only Friday that I was calling Standing Stone to task for their emphasis on systems over content and chiding them for their inconsistent appearance of paltry and insufficient producer letters.

And later that same day, that same day, this thing of beauty appears as if summoned.

How lovely is the latest Producer Letter? Let me count the ways:

  1. It covers the entire year of 2017. The whole year, not just the next update but the whole year! All producer letters used to do this but that was then and this is now and now it is just … unexpectedly wonderful … to see Severlin return to the annual format

  3. It is chock full of news about content! I am going to list the content news in separate points so we can appreciate them individually

  5. Update 34 will have one new dungeon. This is not news, and one is not overwhelming, but still.

  7. Update 35 will have “several” new adventures and a new raid. This is news, and “several” is a rewarding sort of word that definitely means more than two. Maybe as many as four.

  9. Update 36 will have a “content pack” in Forgotten Realms. Not sure how many quests go into a “content pack” but I think we can assume at least three?

  11. Update 37 or Update 38 will be the Ravenloft expansion and include “lots” of new content. I like the word “lots”, that has to be at least six, yes? Previous expansions have had ten or eleven quests, one even had a raid.

  13. It actually contains the words “continue our focus on new content” meaning, there will be one. A focus. On new content! Yay!

So the answer is seven, there are seven ways in which the new Producers Letter is lovely.

This is going to be more new content than in the past two years combined. Depending on how many exactly is “several”, and “content pack”, and “expansion”, it could be as much new content as the last three years combined.

Yes there is some non-content stuff in the letter too, I mean of course there is. A new race. Sentient weapons. More class balancing. Normally this would annoy me, or to be more precise, fill me with dread, but it doesn’t this time. Because that is not what the letter is about. The letter is about content.

A whole year focused on new content. Not on new systems, not on other-things-that-aren’t-content, but actual content. A whole year!

-happy sigh-

Life is good.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚


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  1. I suspect that Ravenloft will follow the first expansion into the Forgotten Realms; three arcs of four quests each. We do stuff in the village, we do stuff in the forest and we do stuff in the castle.

    I don’t think we can avoid the inevitable token quest where we save the abducted villagers from a fate worse than death ie. undeath via Hot Nubile Strumpet with very sharp inscissors. Long on promise, short on the delivery.

    Oh and don’t forget the really corny, overly dramatic drone of the organ pipes. “I’m so sad, I’m so lonely oh woe is me…” lament and despair….

    And worst (Best) of all….? The woman who resembles his lost love… um, what’s her name again? Oh yeah.. Ana Brabener, we will find find you, save you, escort you… lose you… save you, …fun times. Tragic, so tragic. Lots of bad people here, very bad people. So bad… absolutely terrible people πŸ˜‰

    Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s gonna be really good.

    I wonder if the early purchase will us a contract for a certain very red Devil.

  2. They had me at Ravenloft

  3. *Mumble something about a comment left on a recent, previous post*…

  4. New content is great but they could really help reincarnaters out there with new low level quests. Kobolds New Ringleader can only be run so many times before you start doing it in odd ways just to challenge yourself. I never played Ravenloft in PnP days so at least that will be fun.

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