Aug 142011

Remember that part in the Lord of the Rings trilogy where Frodo offers the One Ring to Galadriel in Lothlorien?
Galadriel The Dark Lady. Beauty and Badass.

Suddenly everything changes color as Galadriel goes totally badass: with that ring she could make the whole world love her, like it or not, and live in (fearful) peace.

Eventually she gets a grip on herself and tells Frodo to put that thing away and never show it again. Ever.

Now I understand.

But first, the backstory: the Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone is one of the most sought items in the game. Maybe the most sought? Not sure. Among other reasons, it is one of only three items that has Spell Penetration IX, and (unless I am misremembering) is the only one that is not Epic.

My wizard Sparksy has been seeking the Stone since they first were updated to include a “Suppressed Power”. That is about a year ago? I run Irestone Inlet on hard – the Stone drops in level five chests – all the time. Not daily, but still, well over a hundred runs, probably well over two hundred. All for this one item. No luck.

My guildie Pugster traded for one once, planning to give it to me. I imagine I would have insisted on a trade of equal value, but we never found out, he put it on to see what it looked like not realizing it was Bind on Equip. And that was that.

Then yesterday, I am leveling my new wizard Ejecta. I am planning to TR Sparksy into an Artificer so I will need a new capped wizard. My girlfriend has a lowbie, and there is a guildie online so we invite him too. The three of us head for a fast Depths run. Depths of Discord on normal – 5th level – and my guildie pulls the Stone.

My excitement must have come through the mic, he indicates that he doesn’t really play any casters. Do I want it?




(time passes)

Do I want it? Hell yes I want it! But … this is not a new player but mainly a soloer, doesn’t read the forums, doesn’t know what he has. And on top of that he’s a guildie.


No I don’t want it.

Oh how you taunt me you vibrant purple vixen

Instead I explain why I don’t want it – or more accurately, why this is such a nice item and how much he could get in trade. Eventually he decides to keep it, maybe some day he’ll have a cleric or something.

Now put that thing away and don’t ever offer it to me again!

Me and Galadriel. Twin beings of the same conundrum.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Items have no value among friends. I find myself farming things like bloodstones just to give to guildies. Explain what its worth and if he still offers it, happily accept.

  2. This reminds me of one of your pictures…the one where you are opening Palumak the Scourer’s chest, for the 1000 time hoping for The Blood Stone. I can relate to that one because I have opened that one a multitude of times on many toons, and I have a nice collection of Dusk Hearts to prove it, but no The Blood Stone. I’ve pulled two Rings of Spell Storing from the General though…and a Deep Red Ioun Stone from a rare chest out there…never seen the purple one…except in the AH for a bajillion plat.

  3. @xavier – I completely agree. But some items stand out. I don’t know that you _could_ properly describe the value of this item, or a small number of others (+4 tome? Greater Heart of Wood?) to someone new-ish. You can use the words and they can hear and comprehend, but still, some lessons can only be taught by time.

  4. @shandalar – you aren’t on Sarlona are you? If yes, I can help.

  5. Hilarious, and oh so true- you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din….

  6. Lol! I’m on every server for crying out loud, spread myself very thin…when I log on to Sarlona, I’m in some guild with a bunch of Halflings…oh, wait…yeah, I probably should log on there, it’s been a while, geez, I’m a lousy guildie…

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