May 122015

Full Flavored Adventure

“Full-Flavored Adventure”

You can always count on a Room Full of Loot to give you the real smoothness and deep-down adventuring you want. And, adventurers, you can depend on a Room Full of Loot because a Room Full of Loot means fine adventuring – ripe, light, naturally mild adventuring that’s always smooth. Yes, let your own taste and eyes be the judge. Find out for yourself – get a Room Full of Loot today!

So round, so firm, so fully packed – nothing else satisfies

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  1. But after looting, the piles of coins & stuff will still be there.. suggests to me that most dragons & monsters are basically just magpies who pick up anything shiny & presumably the time you spend looting the piles is just pulling out the few vaguely worthwhile things.

    “Today on Hoarders…”

  2. “Nine out of ten Rogues recommend the cool, clean sensation of Rooms Full of Loot!”
    “Get the new Shavarath Rooms of Loot! Thanks to fire-breathing demons, It’s Toasted!”

    (In case others are missing on the joke:,29307,1848212,00.html)

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