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Here are all the notes from play testing to-date, other than inline editing marks on the rules themselves which would not be easy to transcribe here, and which are already applied in any case.

I am putting all this here, not so much as a blog post, but more so that I have it all in one place and can access it from wherever I might be working on the game.

Exclamation points indicate changes I am sure I want to make. Question marks indicate those where maybe I want to think about the note rather than just doing it.

I am using strikethrough to track those I have already applied.

Card notes:

! Class enhancements Deploy To should include class and class level (“Cleric” but also “Cleric Level Up”)

? Invisibility: allow cast on ally

! Wizard and Wizard level up game text should specify “Arcane spell”

! Monster combat values (several notes)

Need to make a pass on the monsters where DEF goes down and HP go up. Boss HP should go way up

Want to mix up the monster values more in general. Drow Caption with super-high AC is cool, should be more that are exaggerated in one value or reduced in one area, or both

Monsters – many monsters should have one value higher than the Monster level and another that is one lower

? Should RNG be so high on the ogre?

? Ruins of Threnal boss should not have RNG attack?

? Festival of the Traveler – extra ally can be Self?

? Cleric tap power is rarely usable. Change?

! Fire Trap has invalid combat values

! Precise Shot: specify behavior when fetching card. Deploy? What if not deployable? This applies to other cards that allow seeking through piles

! Drow Enchantment Lore: there is no such thing as an Enchantment spell

! Night Revels – discarding shortens game. “Put on bottom of deck”? Or just change to something else altogether

? Remove Curse should be in a deck that has curses

! Shield Mastery should require a shield

! Free All the Slaves – add “and put it in your hand”

! All Hero cards need to show all five Combat Values even when 0

! Amorphous: what is ranged damage? What is weapon damage? Need to be specific here, with better words. There are several cards like this. (there is a related Rule note)

! Ranged text including “All in focus” makes no sense since only one opponent can be in focus. There are several cards like this.

! Divine and Arcane spells should have differently-colored title areas

! Need to have a Party Leader card

! Cards that allow swapping between heroes should allow swapping at will during Build Phase

! Easy quests give one loot. Medium quests should be draw 2 discard 1. hard quests are draw 2. The hardest quest allows draw three discard one.

! Birthday cake of wishes: “yield an extra loot card”

! Sleep: removing the Affliction straightens the victim

? Stun: removing the Affliction straightens the victim ? Not sure.

! Hellhound boss firebreath should do more damage

! replace “elemental” with specific damage types (for those who do not know what “elemental damage” means

! Human Versatility – goes in hand if cannot be deployed

! There are two quests with Marilith monsters. Fix one.

! Searing light – does 2 points to undead

! Double check that no Heroes have On Deploy actions

! Need a card that allows Tapped returning Heroes to straighten

! no Heroes remain in deck – need to redo Korthos Island card

! Need many more quest cards: (Players x 4) + 10

! There should be no monsters with one HP

! There should be several ways to do one point of damage outside of melee/ranged. Magic items, spells, enhancements. Several.

! Afflictions need to matter!

Rules notes

! Monsters should not go unconscious

? Does tapping a card mean combat values do not apply?

? Monster Deck and Quest Deck: Consider sorting decks into two and putting the easier monsters on top to enhance a feeling of progression

? Having attributes on enhancements confuses one playtester. Can it be clarified?

? Should HP damage follow you after a quest? I don’t think this will be fun. If not, need to remove note where Warforged heal to full during banking phase

! Should specify that Party Leader may perform Tap and Discard actions during Build Phase, but only the Party Leader

! Public Instances only affect your cards

! The rules do not use consistent terms for Melee, Range, charging, retreating. The term “Charge into Close Combat” seemed clearer than some others

?! Under Public Instances, specify that there is no limit (I do not recall what this note actually means, I hope it comes back to me)

! Need to clearly write what it means when a monster has a RNG and also Range text. Or clarify the range text on the relevant cards to specify whether it takes an attack and then uses an effect or just does the effect

?!?! the different types of damage need to be cleaned up in that they are used in consistent and invariant words, and explained in the rules (there is a related Card note)

? Controlled monsters – combine Set Focus and Activation actions?

! Specify that cards must be deployed to be used – can never play a card out of one’s hand

! Quest ending edge cases: All remaining monsters are controlled (players win) No active hero can affect a monster (monsters win)

! “Retreat” is now a combat action. Need to use “Flee” wherever describing the act of fleeing the quest

! Death card needs to specify that characters cannot be healed or cured. Unconscious card needs to specify that they can

! Need to reorganize the rules (several notes)

All rules about one thing always in one place

Quick start summary at top?

Reference sheet containing card diagram, turn sequence, combat actions

See Jerry Snook’s comment on the first play test blog post

! Heroes start deployed, as many as desired, and count against the 60-card limit

! Heroes return from quests Untapped when they are alive and victorious

! Change melee & ranged resolution to full DMG when greater than DEF, 1 point when equal to DEF, no damage when less than DEF

! There will be one Quest Boss per hero, not per player.

! Need to describe sizing the Quest deck during game setup

! Now a 1-4 player game

! What do Monsters do when they have no action (at Range with focus target but cannot range or insufficient ATK/RNG to do any damage)

! Need to update setup diagram

! Need to update monster activation diagram

Bigger Changes

! Everyone gets a build phase before the raid

! Everyone gets a build phase at the beginning of the game

! Introduction of ranges to combat and a combat mat board (or something like one)

! Need detail on transitioning between the resolution of the last regular monster and the start of the Boss fight

? Should Boss begin focused on Party Leader?

! Discard unwanted cards and redraw during Banking Phase

! Play all Heroes at once? (several notes)

? Heroes count against 60-card limit. ?

?? As many Heroes as desired? Two? One per player? Need to think this through, but the answer is NOT one.

? If no Heroes remain in deck then need to redo Korthos Island card

! If Heroes remain in the deck then they need the same border as other Loot cards

! On-Deploy actions on heroes cannot reference discards since there will never be any (i.e. Fighter)

? Resolving attacks (several notes)

Should heroes be able to nick opponents for one even when they have zero in that value?

Should it be “full DMG when greater than DEF, 1 point when equal to DEF, no damage when less than DEF?

If it becomes impossible for a character to damage an opponent, won’t wizards and such suck and be un-fun?

Should every hero get at least one in every stat? Or have a Tap action that always allows a point of damage? Or maybe everyone starts with one weapon?

? Fixed battle order can be un-fun and there are no cards in the first set that allow changes to it

? Should party leaders be able to abandon a quest or must they enter and retreat? If they do abandon, does everyone have to follow suit or can others play anyway?

? Having more than one raid boss will enhance replayability ?

If any of these trigger any ideas, please do not be shy about letting me know!

🙂 😀 🙂

What do you think?

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