Jan 132012
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The one on the left is the new Red/Gold
Bull 1 Armor kit. Nice, but look at the
one on the right. That’s the kind of red
I’m talking about. If only it existed

Hey look at me, suddenly I’m a fashionista. Or would that be “fashionisto”? Regardless, I am writing an entire post about an outfit. Or more specifically, a lack of said outfit.

Pantera needs a red armor kit.

One may question the use of the word “need”; she looks pretty good in black. Besides, can any character be truly said to “need” anything? They are but a collection of pixels and memory addresses and can hardly be said to have needs or wants.

But yes, she does, and it needs to be really red too, not just a little, but a deep scarletty-crimsony-ruby red. RED in all caps.

In order to understand why we would need to go back in time, to the early days of AD&D and the first computer role playing games. Pantera has been a character in many different games. In some of them she was a master of fiery magic, in most she was a master of the bow, but in all of them she has been fast. And red.

Very red.

I had high hopes for the new Bull 1 Armor kit. It is the first one that even has the word “red” in the title. And it is very nice. But insufficiently red. The red/gold Bull 2 armor looks like a mistake (at least when applied over my Deathblock of Heavy Fort outfit); there is a round metal-looking front piece on the upper portion that is weirdly out of place and apparently clips itself. And it too is insufficiently red.

Nice work though, both of them are attractive kits, maybe it is only pickiness that keeps me from buying it for Pantera. That and a lack of severe red.

Maybe next set. Pantera and I will be keeping our fingers crossed.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Looks red to me. Makes me want to tr my bard (my only lady alt), she is as a hot dwarf as I could roll up.

  2. Yeah, Had similiar thoughts on blue bull for my mournlode plate. Oh that and.. I was disappointed to see 2/3 lines were for Warforged only.

    Wonder why they don’t just have 2 cloth, 2 leather, 2 metal And let us dye ’em (Ala NWN 1.. from.. 2002.. Ten year old technology). Ah well, Want in one hand and…

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