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Okay. I lied. Its another guild blog. Though, the first in ages by me. Titles a bit of a joke actually. See, I pay ALOT of attention to the OurDDO site. When I wake up, I check OurDDO. When Im on break at work, I check OurDDO. Before I go to bed, you guessed it, I check OurDDO. I read every blog posted, regardless of who wrote it. There have been a decently sized number of blogs posted lately about guild stuff, not all good.  Also, theres this movie me and my siblings love called, ‘Not Another Teen Movie’. So, the blog title came from that. It made me laugh.

Onto the blog!

A long, long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, a girl named Natalie joined DDO. Stuff happened. It was awesome.

The end.

Not really.

Before I joined DDO, I played one of those stupid app like MMOs where all you do is upgrade buildings and troops. Well, you could also join an Alliance, but you didnt have to. Well, I did. It was awesome. Now, I have this thing, it might shock some people, but Im admitedly a very shy person. I have a hard time talking to new people. So, when I joined, I was pretty quiet for a while. But when I finally broke out of that habit, I had alot of fun with these people. They became kinda like my online family, you could say.

Eventually, the game started to go to crap. It reached a point where the older players were leaving in droves and new players werent sticking around. The peeps in the Alliance I was in, we tried to stick it out with each other. And we did for quite a while. Eventually, we started looking into other MMOs we could play together.

One day, one of them started playing DDO. Soon after a few of us started playing it too. Not many though due to the fact not everyone has, or can afford, a computer thats good enough to run it. But, those of us that could, gave it a go. The one who started, she quit because she didnt like it. That left three of us. I spent some of my join bonus TP on a guild charter and made a guild for us to be in and passed the leadership over to one of the others because he was our Alliance leader in the old game.

Things were good for a while. Id never played an MMO like DDO before but I was catching on to things pretty quickly. Things started to deteriorate though when Id ask questions regarding certain game functions. See, the boss man, hed played DDO before. So, I figured, if I had any questions, just ask him. Right? Well, whenever I did ask a question, he was a bit of a dick in answering and never actually answered any of my questions leaving me to find answers on my own.

One day when I was on alone I decided that was as good a time to leave the guild. I emailed other buddy to tell him I just couldnt play with boss man anymore, he understood and I went on my merry way.

Not too long after, I discovered this nifty little thing called MyDDO. I was pretty much on the verge of quitting DDO at that point. But reading peoples blogs on there gave me a kind of ray of hope that maybe I could find some people who could be fun to play with and maybe even helpful, for a change. So I signed up. Id read peoples blogs but remained silent. Then one day I started writing too, just to see how people would react. The reactions were largly positive. This made me write more. Even prompting me to write up my blog, ‘A Right To Have Fun’. Which, to date, is still the most popular blog Ive ever written.

At some point Shin decided to start running with me on Cannith. Due to my inability to play everyday, he kinda got miles ahead of me level wise. So, I was kinda back to soloing. Then, later, I got this mail on MyDDO from him saying he had created this guild on Cannith specifically for the prominate bloggers on MyDDO to play together in and asking if I would like to join. So, I did. However, even with the friendly responses to my blogs on MyDDO, I was still really shy when it came to in game interactions. On four occasions I turned down help from “Roland”(who turned out to be Mr. Geoff Hanna) because I didnt know who it was and because I have a hard time saying yes to help or even asking for it.

After a while though, I once again broke out of that shell and started being more communicative with peeps who were on. I even went out of my way to get in several evening runs just so I could play with the cool kids.

Now, as everyone knows, my main MMO has switched over to SWtoR. For the longest while, Ive solod the game. I kept my interactions with the general chat to a minimum. I havent joined any guilds. Until yesterday(Friday).

This week has been both fun and dull on SWtoR. Due to real life, so far, my sister hasnt been able to log into the game to play. This has kinda left me without any real direction of what I really want to do. So, yesterday morning, I made a Smuggler. I was running around Ord Mantell doin what I do best(killin crap) when I spontaniously decided that I wanted to be in a guild.

With this realization, I started paying more attention to the general chat for guild recruitment messages people post. Thats when I realized something that might seem strange, Im not willing to join just any guild regardless of the bonuses or the number of active and helpful players in them. Believe it or not, my biggest issue is, ‘Whats the guilds name?’. Seriously. When you join a guild, the name of the guild is displayed right under your character name. So, for me, the first concern is, ‘Do I want THAT guild name under my characters name for everyone to see?’. The other concern regarding guild names is, ‘Are the people in the guild as immature as the name sounds?’. I mean, the name, ‘Butt Pirates Of Outer Space’ isnt really a name I want under my characters, you know?

Eventually, someone posted a guild recruitment message with a guild name that I did like. I requested an invite, said hello, was welcomed and suddenly found myself back in that old familiar shell. But, this time, it was kinda different. While I can say that it was most certainly there, I had an easier time finding the ability to actually communicate with these people whom I had just met. Until I wanted help. Then I entered lockdown mode again.

After I did Ord Mantell, I headed to the fleet. Grabbed my Advanced Class, grabbed my Crew Skills and then headed down to the shuttle to Coruscant. But no! Wait! Theres a Flashpoint! I wanna do the Flashpoint! So I go to the quest giver for it. Grab the quest. Hit ‘enter’ to bring up the chat, then I hit enter again without saying anything. I probably did this a dozen time over the course of the next hour. I wanted to do the quest. I really did. I needed help to do so though. I just couldnt bring myself to actually ask.

But, thankfully, at some point a guildie asked if anyone wanted to do the Flashpoint. I spoke up saying I did. Joined the party. Another guildie joined then another person joined both the party and the guild. After a bit, we headed in. There were jokes cracked along the way*. Fun was had. Overall, it made my friday so worthwhile.

*At the beginning of the Flashpoint, the ship comes under attack. Crap starts blowing up. Me, being the lone Smuggler in the group I decided to say ‘I didnt do it! It wasnt me!’ in the party chat which was met with laughs and a response of ‘We all know you did! Dont try telling us otherwise!’. A little later when we arrived on the bridge and the Imperial warship showed up, again I popped into the party chat, ‘See? Told you I didnt do it.’. Again, it was met with laughs and a, ‘Okay. I believe you now.’. Good times.*

I like the guild Im in. I like the people in it. So far, even though it was only one day, I dont see myself leaving the guild. Im certinly hoping that feeling lasts.

Anyways, thats all Ive gotta say. Hope you all have good days/nights and stuff!


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  1. I completely agree about the guild name thing. I simply cannot abide being in a guild whose name is ridiculous or misspelled. I feel that if you care so little about your guild as to screw up the spelling of it, you’re unlikely to care about those who join either.

    Note that my opinion of a “ridiculous guild name” likely differs wildly from others. While I wouldn’t join a guild named Butt Pirates of Outer Space, I’ve proudly created and led Holy Order of the Divine Spork on a couple DDO servers.

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