Sep 152011

The new HP/SP/Ki Vitals bar is digging up really a lot of comments and very few are favorable.

I wrote about it yesterday – there are settings you can use to manage the change – but my girlfriend still finds it impossible to play a healing cleric.

She is not alone. Many many forum threads about this; all of the healers are reporting that they either cannot play at all, or can only do so with reduced effectiveness. CrimsonSpectre collected a few of the comments but he (she?) is only scratching the surface. The threads have been never-ending.

I’ve been told that the changes support Artificer homunculi (did I spell that right? I am avoiding the use of the word “pets”) but I haven’t seen a dev quote to back that up yet. And even so, it is somewhat of an unexpected decision: what healer is going to invest time and SP in some other Artificer’s minion?

Forums are aflame
Healers can’t see your hit points
We’re all gonna die

Maybe this is a good time to work on my soloing skills.

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  1. I started using Blackbird UI Skin. I’m still not a fan of healing these days, but at least it’s not quite so… aggravating.

  2. Yes, “homunculi” is correct, but “forums” is wrong. (hehehe)

  3. My first raid as a healer was maybe 9 months ago. As I recall, it took me all of maybe an hour to find a positioning of the group bars that worked well, and never had a problem with it after that. Could easily keep track of everyone at a glance, while still being able to know what was going on in my immediate vicinity. In 3 days of playing the new UI, I still cannot find a way to position the bars such that I can glance up to see the boss’s HP, and then see that player X needs attention NOW.

    I don’t recall seeing ANY posts from players in the time I’ve been playing stating that the UI needed a change. Why they chose to drop this on us without getting user feedback FIRST is beyond me.

  4. Now I have a reason to give all the people I kill, errr let die, errr that die, when I am playing my healers.

  5. I haven’t had the chance to run a group with my cleric so I can’t really comment about the new UI bars yet. That said, I was online with another toon this morning and completely lost track of how many hit points she had remaining. (The bar was there, I know, but it just wasn’t… noticeable enough.) Which is not good, really, is it?

    Like most things, I suspect players will adjust to it in time, but it is a bit weird at the moment.

  6. It looks like theyโ€™re going to tighten up the spacing for it. Though the most annoying part, for me, is that since my character is not in list anymore it throws off all my F keys.

  7. The griefing of lower than ‘standard’ HP toons is what upsets me about the change. Saw a first life Rogue get viciously booted from a PuG due to only having 214 HP. At lvl 14. Without raid gear. That’s pretty damned respectable!

  8. @Quantum – you can put yourself back in the party. Check out the previous message on this blog

  9. @darkminstrel: That I find despicable. On the one hand, having a lvl 18 cleric, it is kind of nice seeing how much HP everyone starts with because then I know that if ComicRelief’s bar is at 50% but he had 600 HP to start with, he doesn’t need healing as much as someone whose bar is at 75% but only started with 250HP.

    But yeah, those bars – I HATE THEM. I know I’m not saying anything new, but… I FREAKING HATE THEM. They’re too small to see clearly and the transparent background just makes it worse. From what I heard, this was brought up on the forums by the people who checked out Update 11 on Lammania, but apparently wasn’t deemed enough of an issue to be addressed. I hope it gets fixed VERY VERY SOON.

  10. Er, was thinking faster than I could type, which isn’t saying much on either count – anyway, the thing I find despicable is that a party would kick someone over how many HP they have. My lvl 12 rogue doesn’t have a lot of HP, but with evasion, sneaking and a large stack of cure pots, she rarely gets any aggro and is pretty good at keeping herself healed up (along with being able to heal WF). Hit points aren’t everything.

  11. It annoys me that you either have to toggle yourself for the “party bar” and have yours stay there – at all times, in or out of a party – or toggle it on and off when you join/leave a party. I’ll probably leave it toggled at all times – just one is kinda smallish – and keep the usual Large (portraitless) bar up anyway. And whose the hell bright idea was that portrait? What, did they figure players want to see how they look from the front rather than just the back of the head? I’d much rather have the auto-attack button back. Which I don’t use nearly often enough to bother digging out the feat to put in the hotbar, but like to use on occasion when I’m bashing something stationary or ranging something big at a huge distance…

    The size of the bars bugs me. But fortunately, they just BARELY fit between the mini-map and the chatbox. And the way I have things set up, I probably couldn’t squeeze in another hotbar there anyway. Don’t want to think about how it’s gonna look in a raid, though… gonna take up half my screen.

    As a non-healer, how it affects healers doesn’t directly affect me… until I need healing, at least. Guess I won’t be rolling up a cleric like I was idly toying with…

    (Semi-random thought… a few weeks ago, I took my dwarven barb into a group, and took some damage… the cleric was complaining about how much HP I had when he was healing me… with CLW. In a “I have too much HP” way. Wonder what he would’ve thought with actual numbers… and I’m pretty sure my monk in Earth stance has more.)

  12. Hah HAH! check the plural forms

  13. A technicality, sir; as with many improper words (like “normalcy” [the correct word is “normality”], “irregardless” [“regardless”], and “ain’t” [“isn’t”, or “aren’t”]), they often eventually get adopted as “acceptable” and even listed in dictionaries as “correct” because of “popularity” – that still does not make them proper. (Hey, Calvin Coolidge was President when he coined “normalcy”, so that must be the correct word, right? Um…no, even if “normalcy” is listed in the dictionary [as are “irregardless” and “ain’t”].)

    Since “forum” is a Latin word, the correct plural form is “fora”. But in English, we like to simply throw an “s” on the end of words (especially when they end in a consonant) to make plurals. However, I acquiesce that “forums” is an acceptable plural, especially when talking about internet “public discusion” areas.

    I mainly use “fora” as a way of ‘poking’ people and having fun, because it is more technically correct (which is, as we all know, the best type of correctness) than “forums”.
    *poke* *poke* ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. I promise to use proper Latin form the very next time I write a post in Latin ๐Ÿ™‚

    I suggest that you not hold your breath however.

  15. ROFL! Fair enough.

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